Le Grand Race Cars 1960's & '70's


Alden “Red” Le Grand started Le Grand Race Cars in the early 1960’s and built formula and sports racing cars for SCCA road racing in Southern California until his death in 1988. I became friends with Red in 1972 when he did some repairs on my Elva-Alfa Formula-B race car, then in 1973 I helped him in building a new B-Sports Racing car, the Mk 16. During this time I also became the “Marketing Director” for Le Grand Race Cars, an unpaid position I did just to help Red out, taking photos of new cars, designing new brochures, and posting ads in Autoweek magazine.

Red had five children with his wife Delia: Rene’, Alden, Robin, Lanise, and Derrick, 4-boys and a girl. His oldest son Rene’ and I shared a rental house together in North Hollywood, near Red’s shop on Saticoy Street.

Here’s a great photo I took of Red sitting in the partially completed tub for the Mk 16 B-SR, taken in 1973 outside his shop in North Hollywood.

Eric Seltzer, Sparks, NV