Leaked: Jeep Gladiator pickup, totally in the metal


Just two days after the Jeep Scrambler Forum leaked possible evidence that the upcoming Jeep Wrangler pickup would be dubbed the Gladiator, the newly named Jeep Gladiator Forum is back with fresh details. Not only does the forum have extremely legit-looking press photos of the fully revealed Jeep Wrangler Gladiator pickup, there are also some interesting technical details for us to sink our teeth into.

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The last pick-up that Jeep made (Comanche?) had the front end of a Cherokee, similar to a Ranchero or El Camino. That I could get excited about. This is just a Jeep with part of the roof removed.


@bdlukeroth - I agree with you. I think they could have done a little more to make it unique. I also am holding out for a single cab, because trucks shouldn’t have four doors or tiny beds like that one.


Another Ford Explorer Sport Trac? YUK! How about a new Comanche instead? THAT was a Jeep pickup!


@stumpy - I had forgotten about the Explorer Sport Trac. Life was better when I had forgotten about the Sport Trac. No thanks to you for reminding me.

I actually wanted one of those when they first came out. now I realize that tiny bed makes it a bad truck, and the seating and interior makes it a bad car. Lose-lose.


O.K. I brought up a bad memory. Sorry! SO . . let’s think about the REAL Jeep pickup . . . 1965 Gladiator!! A friend had one during the early 80’s and we took that puppy over the roads and through the mud all the way to grandmas . . THAT was a truck. Not my '51 Chevy 2 ton flatbed, but a good truck, on road and off.