Leaked video shows 2020 C8 Corvette hit 194 mph

A minute-long video, leaked from an internal Chevrolet meeting, shows the 2020 Corvette Stingray streak to its 194-mph top speed on a test track in Papenburg, Germany.

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Surprise, surprise. And this is breathing regular old air. Wait till they force feed this baby.

@pappy - They left a lot of room underneath that back glass. I am real curious about heat management though. Boost creates a lot of heat, and getting it out of the engine compartment will be important. Chevy has already struggled with that on the C7 Z06 and Camaro, so I’ll hold my breath for a minute.

I’m beginning to wonder what Chevy is paying you for all the promotion.

When are they going to allow someone outside of GM to actually drive this thing? Everyone has seen it - any many have sat in it, including me. But it’s starting to be weird that nobody seems to have actually driven it…

@richardstrahota - Word on the street is that a few publications have C8 for driving currently. Also the same whispers say driving impressions are embargoed for at least a few more weeks–if not months. Rest assured as soon as Chevy will let us talk about it, we will!

Makes me wonder what gm is hiding with the new Corvette. Can they really build it? Does it provide major shortfalls in the driving experience? Contrast the approach used by Porsche with the Taycan… seems like many people actually drove it and confirmed to us that it is a great machine to actually drive. But yet nobody had actually seen it - at least until yesterday…

Hellcat Challenger does 205 right out of the box. Keep trying Chevy . . .

In a straight line. Don’t turn the wheel at 205 if you don’t want to be in the bushes.

Did anyone notice the driver is fully suited up and the person with the computer is not. Wonder how much they get paid?

Yeah and the hellcat needs another 222HP to achieve 205MPH. Like comparing apples and oranges!

why does it look fake lol the scenery looks like they are only going 60 mph…

Speedometer indicated speed shows less than what is being reported and I was under the belief that speedo indicated speeds are more than actual to avoid lawsuits from speeding tickets…so the 194 looks suspect to me.

What good is all that hp in any vehicle? Bragging rights? How many more articles must their be on the C8 before the contract with Chevrolet expires.

Some people take their cars to track days but yes other than that what is the point of cars capable of 3 or 4 times the highway speed limit.

I ordered mine last week! I absolutely zero plans of taking it to 194.

Is 194 all that car can do? I think I saw that a Hellcat did over 200. I have not seen numbers for the Demon or the Redeye. And didn’t Dodge hit over 200 before the computer age with the Hemi in 1968 or 1969? After all of these years, why can’t Chevy break the 200 MPH barrier on a car that’s smaller and lighter than a Charger and Challenger. Now you know why we say Mopar or No Car!

I sense MOPAR jealousy. Only Dodge that went 200 MPH back in the day was on a banked track with a barely NASCAR compliant winged body. Today you can pay $12,000 more for a Dodge than the Corvette and get a supercharged engine and do 9 more MPH. But of course that will last only until the Corvette adds a forced induction engine. So enjoy the advantage for one year. BTW on a road course there is no comparison of course. Corvettes can actually turn and are thus more useful. Then there is the HUGE gas mileage difference.

Right out of the box it costs $12,000 more, is forced induction and is a gas guzzler. Enjoy the difference until Corvette adds a forced induction variant.

“Barely compliant” is still compliant. “Barely” is your adverb. Remember, NASCAR outlawed only one engine for being too powerful: the 426 HEMI.

And the “wait for next year” chant is what the losers say.