Leaked video shows 2020 C8 Corvette hit 194 mph

Wait until next year to see who the loser is if you’re stuck on max speed. Hellcat has already lost in every other category.


“Wait until next year” is what the losers say!

OMG are we 12? My dad can beat up your dad. Lighten up Francis.

Truth is every manufacturer has/had a few great model throughout the years and all of them have had turds too.

Corvette guys are excited about the first mid engine model. Let them enjoy it.

Can’t we all just get along?

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I’m trying to think of the closest 2.5 mile straight track I can borrow to achieve 194mph. There’s got to be a couple of hundred to pick from, right?!?!

Let’s see the Hellcat on a road course against the C8 Corvette. No comparison. If that’s all you want to do is go fast in a straight line, buy a Hellcat, how boring is that? The old C7 Corvette will beat the crap out of a Hellcat on a road course.

At that speed, that’s what it costs to go 11 more mph.

203 is 9 more. So $1333 per mph due to its poor drag coefficient.


Before we go further, there’s something you need to know about me. Before retiring from FCA, I was the project manager for the engine controls for both Hellcat and Demon. Advertised top speed for Challenger is 205 (not 203) and 199 for Charger (for insurance purposes). And, this car was done 6 years ago. It also seats 4, not 2 (unless you opt for the rear seat delete). Yes, it’s COD is high because it’s not a purpose built sports car, it’s a family coupe.

J. Bruce

The C8 rightfully has high expectations, and will evolve into it’s own over time. Interesting blah blah blah about taking this or any 200 mph car to anywhere near that speed. Given the opportunity to ride along, much less drive, it would be the last such ride for the vast majority. Debating whether you went 195 or 205 would prove to be insignificant when they peeled your white knuckles off whatever you grabbed ahold of during the experience.
There are plenty of cars capable of similar and higher speeds, with mid engines and super car performance, and the reality is the C8 is late to the party.
Very few of any of these super cars will ever see that kind of speed except during professional tracking or competing in couch potato video games, and wisely so. Admiring them for their uniqueness and overall attributes is much more interesting, and hopefully the C8 will deliver in those categories.

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^Agreed. I’m still chuckling about the “Leaked” part of the title. Like it was suppose to be secret? Oh yeah…heads will roll when they find out how this video got out. :sunglasses:
GM is playing it’s Corvette fan-base like a fiddle. It sounds like a very cool car that will continue the tradition of a real American sportscar nicely. It shouldn’t need to be hyped.