Lee Iacocca could have saved American automakers—again

Well done tribute to Mr. Iacocca. A man I always admired even though I am a Chevy guy. Not to turn this into a biography but worth mentioning is his leadership in the restoration of The Statute of Liberty and author of “Where Have All The Leaders Gone?” A title that I quote almost daily…

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Good write-up on a great car guy. He is missed. In response to the negative comments about the Reliant, I feel compelled to come to its defense. When my mom died, I inherited her 1984 Reliant, base model, nothing fancy. It was my work car for 23 years. It was very comfortable with cloth upholstery, very impressive in snow (who needs 4-wheel drive?), and very reliable. I will say that putting in a transmission from an '87 New Yorker increased the fun factor. I tend to drive a car hard and it stood up. My retirement and the Pennsylvania winters led me to sell it to a guy who was looking for a good winter car and was going to fix the rust. While they were not a “beautiful” car, they were far from “ugly” and certainly as good or better then their competition. Thank you Lee.