Leno: Stop worrying about the fate of your classic car


Jay - I’ve been hoodwinked out of some pretty rare parts by people doing the same thing at swap meets. They send their 16 year old kid over and he tells you that it’s his first car… You feel sorry for him and give him a deal… And see your stuff marked up to its normal (or inflated) price over at some other guy’s swap meet space later. People! Oh well. At least =I= can sleep at night knowing that I tried to treat people honestly.__ I admire ya Jay!!!
I’ve owned over 135 or so cars & trucks over the years, most of them muscle cars or old trucks, but the most memorable ones have been the ones that I drove the wheels off of and didn’t care if it was raining, snowing, etc.
Some of my favorites include a POS 1975 Dodge 1/2 ton Club Cab pickup that I installed a big block in when the 318 went out back in the 90’s. One day we were hauling a project Charger on my trailer for a friend of mine and had a kid pull up in a new 5.0 Mustang and start revving the engine to “prove” that his car was more bad@ss than our Mopars… until the light changed and I started smoking the tires on the pickup WITH the car on the trailer. (Actually it was EASIER with the increased rolling resistance, etc…). My “rough as a corn cob” 1970 Super Bee with the Ramcharger hooded, 383 Pistol Gripped 4 speed car, and 3.23 Sure Gripped 8-3/4 didn’t have a single body panel that didn’t have a (previous owner installed) door ding, dent, curb rash, scratches… but it would burn the tires down anywhere, at any time. I owned a 71 Road Runner for over 29 years and only put 6,000 miles on it in that span of time because it was “too nice” to leave in a parking lot at the steak house on the way home from a show, and “What if it RAINS before we get home…???”. Back in 2003 however, I purchased a 75 Dodge Monaco and made a pretty accurate “Bluesmobile” replica that was an absolute BLAST to own. (It led to us having an 8 pc. band just like the Blues Brothers but that’s a story for another day.) The car was actually my daily driver (ALL day, EVERY day - rain & snow & sun) and it was only washed twice in the thirteen years that I owned it. I’d get waves from police officers, small children, people would start dancing like Jake Blues on the curb as we passed by in a parade… We used to let people sit on it, in it, and I even loaned the car out to a couple of people here & there… It got to be a fun thing to do at our band shows to let pretty girls stand on the car (yes, with heels and all!) and my wife would just roll her eyes and smile.

The Isle of Wight (Virginia) County Fair had a “Mud Run” and this girl was on the staff and was SO sweet and fun to hang out with…

Our band played at a huge car show / BBQ Cook-Off and there were some gals doing Pin-Up photography, but interestingly no one else offered to let this girl stand ON their car like we did…

I ran out of room on my license plate for more “year” stickers…


I love Jay! Awesome guy and Collector!