Let's see those Station Wagons!

The 1971 Chevrolet Townsman is the current restoration project between my wife and I (and many friends). It began life as a Florida car, hibernated in Michigan for 20-years, and this summer has made it back to the road regularly thanks to some amazing coworkers.

Feel free to share you cool wagon, or any stories!

I loved my old (but in the grand scheme new) wagon. It was sure to be a classic one day, but sadly a person speeding through town decided the wrecking yard needed it more than I did.

2005 Subaru Legacy GT

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I REALLY LOVE wagons. I wanted one for over 30 years, I FINALLY bought a 68 Impala wagon 4 years ago, I was the 3rd owner. The previous owner had already installed 85 Corvette 350 tune port, 700r4, had the seats recovered, I ended up spraying it flat black, which was supposed to be just until I decided on a color. I ended up getting an offer on it and it was gone. I missed it 2 hours after he left. I found a 65 Chevelle 2dr wagon, a little over a year ago, I’m doing a full blown Resto mod/ Pro Touring build on it. I had a friend all those years ago that had a really nice 64 2dr wagon and that when my love for them started. I’ve got a friend that had a Pontiac Tempest wagon several years ago that built a GTO Judge clone wagon, then last year a COMPLETLY loaded Bonneville wagon, Tri power, ps pb pw air bucket seats & 4 speed, it was REALLY nice

Like you I’ve always liked the wagons too. The roof rack you see on my old '67 Tempest in the pictures is from a '66 Impala wagon! I bought that wagon back when you could still find parts for for them in the junk yards. The interior cargo area trim is all from
a '65 Bonneville. Pontiac didn’t offer a vinyl roof for their wagons, I had that one run up at an upholstery shop. I think just about every GM product contributed to my wagon,even including Cadillac!

All these cars are getting hard to find parts. You ought to TRY to find parts for these 64-65 Chevelle 2dr wagons. I’ve needed 3 qt window moldings since I bought it, so I initially thought those won’t be any big deal…WRONG. I’ve been in the Collision/Restoration Industry for over 38 years, I really missed this one but, I’ll find them

A Wagon! My dream. I have been looking for a wagon to play with. My 62 Skylark is almost complete and we need a new project. We should have grabbed a wagon back when we occasionally ran into one! It seems they are as tough to come by as parts for the Skylark!

My '83 Buick Regal Estate Wagon. 231 2-bbl. Can’t wait to put an LS3 in. Full story here.