Lexus SC400/SC300 Coupe


I see topics in Hagerty from time to time on future collectibles including foreign makes form Japan, Germany, etc. But never have I seen included in these articles a mention of the Lexus SC400 or SC300 Coupes, even though I have seen some interest by younger collectors in other media .

I know that both cars have a lot in common with the Toyota Supra which is a highly prized car by some collectors.
It just seems to me that the SC’s would get a look as possibly a future collectible, or is there a bias that exists toward the Lexus make?


These cars are a surprisingly good deal for what they are. I think that there is potential for them in the long term, but currently we haven’t witnessed any seismic shifts in the market like we have for the Mk IV Supra. With Supra prices ratcheting up to levels above the average collector, it would be safe to assume that someone looking for their Supra fix might see the Lexus as a viable alternative, especially if modifications are in mind (the SC300 did get the 2JZ after all).

In my view, the fact that these are overlooked has more to do with the icon status the Supra has gained versus the overall image of it being a Lexus. I think that if we wait long enough, we will see the rising tide lift these up as well. I think it’ll just take a bit for the market to spool up.