Lincoln’s slick Corsair flirts with boomers, escapes its predecessor


It’s easier to write a long letter than it is to write a short one—and it’s easier to make a big luxury car than it is to make a small one. Plenty of automakers have foundered on these particular shoals, from Cadillac (with the Cimarron) to Aston Martin (with the badge-engineered Cygnet). Even Lexus has occasionally struggled with the idea; the first-generation ES was assembled like a Grand Seiko but there was nothing particularly upscale about it, while the hybrid HS and CT all too frequently showed economy-car bones beneath translucent luxury skin.

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Lincoln has long held itself above this particular fray, a diffidence assisted not inconsiderably by the long march upmarket of the blue-oval Ford brand beneath it.

A really long march. Back in the 1950s, the Ford brand was considered one of the “low priced three”, along with Plymouth, and Chevrolet. Of course, back then, FoMoCo had the Mercury brand to insulate Lincoln from the plebian Fords.