Long-lost Shelby Mustang prototype found


The list of famous lost Ford Mustangs has just gone down by one. The “Little Red” 1967 notchback, the first Shelby Mustang coupe and prototype for the Mustang California Special, has turned up. Long thought to have been destroyed in a crusher, Little Red instead was found in a field in Texas. Craig Jackson, Chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, announced the find and plans a full restoration of the car.

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How does it come out as a 1967 Shelby prototype when it was delivered in 1968 and has 1968 side markers on the back according to the story? Shelby headquarters were not in Venice, CA by then. Wikipedia info shows: * Jan '67: Shelby experimental coupe “Little Red” built from a '67 Mustang coupe. Perhaps they punched in the 1968 side markers later on.

“In late 1968 the car was shipped directly from Ford’s San Jose, California, plant to Shelby American’s headquarters in Venice, California” is incorrect.

I worked at the LAX plant until the end of the 1967 production run and don’t recall seeing this car, but I was only there from May through July. Production was shifted to MI for the 1968 model run. Confusing information here… Bill Silver Employee #515.


@william.silver The “late 1968” line was a typo, should be 1966. According to the SAAC World Registry the car made it to Shelby in November 1966. The side markers, I assume, were part of the 1968 conversion.

But as you’ll see in an updated version of the story, what’s now thought to be accepted history is coming into question now that there’s a physical car.


The VIN numbers would be useful to know in referencing the build date and equipment assigned to the chassis. Does anyone know the VIN yet?


Any Mustang owner can clearly see the 1967 side vents which never occurred on a 1968!


It looks to me like the “ADD ON” quarter panel reflectors, not the depressed type you would see in the early 68 models. Seems plausible to me. I would like to see more information and history proof of the car as well.


Rare ?, yes Do I care ? Not really. Not like it was the very first TransAm Mustang built or something interesting but to history buffs, sure. Would like to have some info on the twin super motor…


Pretty sure that if Craig Jackson would take the time to do this promo for the car he has the vin number & has done his homework for all you doubters. Also pretty sure there’s more to the story than what is being told for the sake of blood suckers coming out of the woodwork trying to discredit the find. You can think you know everything but you’re not the one that is spending the time or money researching & validating the find. The vin tells it all!!!


For anyone interested in seeing the Official Unveiling of the Green Hornet, please plan on joining us at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show in the Chicago area, November 17-18. The cover will be pulled off after an extensive restoration Saturday morning, November 17, and the Little Red will be on display right next to it.