Looking for a 1967 Pontiac GTO Convertable to customize

I am looking to find a 1967 GTO Convertible. Want a total basket. Only thing I need is clean title stating it was born a GTO. Plan on custom building it from ground up. Send a private message if you have any leads.

Out of curiosity, why not start with a more affordable LeMans? If building a custom the deviates from what it was originally, why cut up a GTO?

Thanks for the advice but my son in law is very specific. He wants a born GTO basket case convertible so he.can build it. Different instrument panel, wants new engine. Gray with black top

I’m with Kyle on this one. I try to refrain from telling people how to enjoy the hobby, but as a die hard Pontiac fan, I am VERY much against modifying such a desirable car when a cheap alternative can be had. Just my two cents.