Looking for Advice for my '65 Mustang Convertible


I have a 1965 Mustang Convertible that I am in the process of restoring. The car is drivable, and I do drive it once or twice a month. The most recent problem that has surfaced is that I am having difficulty in getting the doors to latch properly, especially the driver’s side. I have replaced the upper and lower hinges, but this did not solve the issue. I have also lubricated the latching mechanism on the door, and that has not completely solved the problem. I have asked around to see about getting it on a frame machine so I can see if the frame/unibody are out of alignment, but I am having difficulty in finding someone who does work other than insurance work. It was suggested to me that I may want to consider having a crossmember welded onto the frame to “stiffen” it up. I guess I am looking for suggestions as to how I can begin to solve the issue that I am having with my doors not latching properly.

Thank you!


@whtnychrs - Interesting issue on that Mustang of yours! Most signs point to the latch, but maybe there is something else going on.

Is the door rubbing the sill or contacting the rear of the door jamb? Are the gaps consistent around the door when closed? Any sagging when the door is opened?

If the door is not contacting the sill or jamb, I would be surprised if it was frame damage causing the issue.

Keep us updated on it!


Kyle, thank you for your response. I am going to take a look at the locking mechanism on the driver’s door. I had not thought to start there, although I probably should have. When I attempt to lock the driver’s door with the key, 100% of the time, it will cause the door to pop open. I do not drive my ‘65 except for two or three times a month, and I’m not out running errands when I drive it, so there has been no need for me to lock the doors.

Alignment of the doors are good, although there is some chipping of paint around the front, back, and rocker panels. Since replacing upper and lower hinges on both doors, and making some minor alignment adjustments, I have not had any paint chip off when I close a door. Just the “pesky” opening of my driver’s door.

I’ll let you know what happens once I am able to get into the door to look at the locking mechanism. Hopefully this will solve the problem with the door not closing.

Thank you again for the information.


@whtnychrs - With that issue of attempting to lock it and the door opening, I would pull the door panel off and inspect that everything is still assembled correctly. Sounds like something is loose or pulling the wrong direction.

Best of luck getting it all sorted out!



I wanted to let you know that the issue with my driver’s side door has been resolved. There were three things that were causing the door to not close well. First was that the A pillar was out of alignment, and needed to be “Tweaked” to get it back into alignment. The door hinges were also “hyperextended,” which best guess I can come up with on that is that the wind may have caught the door at some time and opened it too far, too fast. Third issue were the locking mechanism bars. They were bent and out of adjustment. They have now been replaced and realigned. The door now closes without any force, which is great, and I can now lock and unlock it with the key, which I have not been able to do previously.

Thank you for your insight on solving my door problem! I do appreciate it.