Looking for this 1968 Firebird

My father bought his first new car when he got back from Vietnam in 1968, he wanted
a GTO but there wasn’t any on the lot so the salesman talked him into a Firebird, my father didn’t know what a Firebird was because of being over seas 1967-68 until he drove one. The Firebird was a 400 H.O. with a munci 4spd it was solar red with parchment interior. My father would drive the car the way it was meant to be driven and he had some accidents, when he had those accidents he would sell the car only to buy it back when it was fixed up. This occurred several times and it was always sold to a family member. In the late early 80s my father had gotten the car back minus the engine and transmission, which those two items stayed in the care of an uncle.Due to my parents divorce and lack of storage availability my father sold the Firebird for the last time. My father recently passed away on 6/4/19 and the topic of discussion during the calling hours was my father’s 1968 Firebird. My brother and I are currently looking for the car but it’s been tough because of the 13 digit VIN. I have the VIN # and looking for help, the Facebook community and my local County Sheriff’s department has shown support but zero results.! The photo below is the car in the 90’s with a color change. Location Upstate NY VIN#23378U113827


@wesvan72 - try re-uploading the photo, it looks as though it didn’t come through the first try. That would be the most help–along with the VIN!

Thanks Kyle I added the VIN# and the pic may have a link but the image showed up for me.

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