Losses and Lessons: 1936 Ford bears the brunt of swerving Scion


VEHICLE INVOLVED: 1936 Ford coupe

WHAT WENT WRONG: Ah, the innocent teddy bear. The soft and cuddly children’s toy is as intimidating as a new puppy. Until one gets lost on a busy highway, of course.

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My rule of thumb when out driving my 1956 Ford F-100, is to stay clear of any other vehicle driving along in the lane next to me. I either slow down or speed up a little to stay clear of them. It works for me.


Always watch out for the other guy is a rule of thumb when driving. Even more-so in a classic car. In general, the average driver has little understanding of classic cars or the appreciation and respect they, and the owner, deserve.


I commute on a motorcycle, so it ingrained in my DNA to get out of peoples blind spots & keep them out of mine, including the guy two lanes over when I’m changing lanes towards him.