Lotus needs your help to find its first car: Colin Chapman’s Mark I


Lotus might be celebrating 70 years of building cars this year, but before the fireworks launch the British sports car brand has some unfinished business to tackle. Colin Chapman’s first car, the Lotus Mark I that he built in London in 1948, has been lost for more than six decades. Lotus wants your help to track it down.

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This car, (or a replica of it) exists in the Barber Museum just outside Birmingham, in Alabama.
There is an excellent collection of Lotus cars there.


The Barber car is a replica according to their website: “Anchored by the Lotus 21, the first Lotus acquired by Barber, the collection spans Lotus history. Exhibits include a replica of the first car built – the Mark 1, which is no longer in existence – to the last F1 Lotus built – the Type 109.”