Love/Hate my Rabbits


Continuing the discussion from Question of the Week: What car disappointed you the most?:
During the 1990s I owned 3 1980’s Vw cabriolets in succession. I loved the top down experience often would be top down in the winter. 35 degrees and no rain the top was down! However, my cabriolets were the most unreliable cars that I ever oumed. (That is in over 50 years of owning cars). They ate fuel relays and fuel pumps. I became so good at changing relays that I could usually change them while still rolling. I always had several spares. Every visit to the junkyard I would collect relays IF there were any VWs with them left in them.
My local yard man considered them " pocket items". I never had to pay for them at his yard! I don’t miss the miles that I walked when I owned my cabriolets.


A co-worker had a Cabrio recently that was purchased thinking it was a diesel, turned out to be a gas engine. I took it for a spin (top down, of course) and really enjoyed it. The shifter bushings were totally blown out so it was a knife-in-jar-of-peanut-butter shifter selection feel, but even that didn’t tamp down the fun that car was.