Love my MG-TD London Roadster


Is there any interest in having a “REPLICAR” forum?
I have a 1953 MG-TD replica built by London Roadster in Inkster, Michigan and just like I heard a announcer at a Barrett-Jackson auction say "it doesn’t know it’s a “replica”. Looks like the real thing-just drives better, is more dependable, and turns as many heads at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.


What does your London Roadster use for a drive train? Unfortunately, most of the T series MG replicas I’ve seen use the VW
aircooled rear engine, and neither sound or drive anything like a real TD. There is a neat magazine you can subscribe to for FREE, called ReinCarNation. Its all about replica, continuation and low volume vehicles. Here’s a link -



Yes, it does have a 1776 cc VW engine. I know it doesn’t sound or drive like an original MG but it is an absolute blast to drive. I just sold my 2000 Plymouth Prowler and must admit the MG replica turns just as many heads and draws the same amount of attention and questions. I don’t think my MG replica knows it’s not real so “mums the word” in her presence-LOL!


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