Love Smokey and the Bandit? The Hooper is a must-see


A bar fight with Terry Bradshaw, a chariot race, backwards driving down the highway, a helicopter stunt without a parachute, a beer-drinking horse, and an impossible jump across a 325-foot gorge. This is Hooper, Hal Needham’s second film in a six-movie run with Burt Reynolds—semi-autobiographical, a tribute to stuntmen by stuntmen.

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You left out the International Scout SSII. The scene with the Scout is revered in IH circles and spoken of a lot.

Steve Potestio


This movie was meaningless fun as many of Burt Reynolds’ movies were. We miss those movies and the guy who shone above all others in making them. One of the funniest scenes was when Hooper backed his horse up to Ski’s El Camino’s driver’s window and the horse took a dump. That showed that young whippersnapper.