Luftgekühlt: An automotive music festival where Porsches sing


“Quick” Vic Elford, retired legendary Porsche works driver and F1 racer, stepped into a 1968 Porsche 908K racing car and cranked over its 3.0-liter flat-eight engine. With a rasping, ear-battering blast of sound, the air-cooled eight snapped and snarled to life. A huge cloud filled the air, choking bystanders before wafting up to the high rafters. Then he turned off the car and everybody cheered. Welcome to Luftgekühlt.

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I wouldn’t have known about Luftegekühlt without the email from Hagerty ahead of time. I went and it was amazing. Thank you!


@keithpjolley - That is awesome! It really is such a neat event.