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The popularity of the AMC cable show “Mad Men,” set in the early 1960s, has focused attention on the products and styles of the Kennedy era. The early part of the decade, often dismissed as the last gasp of the 1950s rather than part of the “real” swinging 1960s, was in fact a high-water mark for American industrial design. Everything from typewriters to furniture reflected a new design sensibility – particularly cars. The flamboyant chrome and tail fins of the 1950s were replaced by understated cars that relied on sound design instead of gimmickry. It was an era when quality products and cutting-edge design still ruled in America.

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I have been fortunate enough to own several Riviera’s, all 63 or 64. I almost secured a 65 in 1972 but ended up with a 64 Stingray roadster instead. With the help of my body shop friend we did a full restoration on a $100, 1964 coupe. It was a 425 nail head with a turbo 400. Standard interior did not include the rear seat door handles so passengers could open the doors from the back seat. It had everything else however and I drove the wheels square on it.


I still have the Motor Trend issue from 1963 introducing the Riviera. The final body style had already been settled upon by 1959 and a four speed manual was reported as an available option though it never came to be. Many do not realize how small a 63-65 Riviera is until it is parked next to a similar year Impala or T-Bird. It was all by itself structurally.