Mad Skate Boarders


Okay, discounting the new electric models, I know skate boards don’t have engines. However, I was driving something with an engine when I saw this, so bear with me.

This blurry shot came about because it was a beautiful Saturday and, as one does, I took my please-give-me-a-ticket red 1996 Mistubishi 3000GT VR4 Spyder out for some exercise. I was tootling along Hwy 9, which is full of curves and long, long grades when I came upon a Subaru blocking for what I initially took to be three bicyclists. As I got closer, I realized they were three skate boarders rolling along at between 45 and 60mph (75-100kph). I’ve never encountered this on the open road before. I followed along for a while, then used gravity plus 320hp to pass on by.


That’s a certain kind of crazy, but I could see how a fun driving would also attract them!

Glad you got to get out and drive.