Maddened Mopar seller crushes big-block ’70 Charger

Mopar lovers in particular and muscle car fanatics in general are up in arms about a video of a 1970 Charger being gratuitously smashed and mangled out of spite. (Warning: in addition to the unnecessary destruction, the video contains coarse language.)

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This guy is a colossal child. I have experienced the same issues trying to sell a project car. these days, that just seems to come with the territory of selling a project car. Not justifying it, but that’s the way things seem to be. Frankly, I doubt anyone who stood him up actually cares about the point he’s trying to make, so he’s really just hurting himself by crushing a car that he could’ve been more patient in selling or parted out.


Isn’t the normal procedure to just fire up the sawzall and sell the parts when the complete vehicle doesn’t sell?

Maybe, just maybe, and I’m going out on a limb here, the guy would’ve made more than what he was asking for for the complete vehicle if he sold off the parts, etc. title, etc. separately.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t decide to switch brands and go over to classic VWs, or even Corvairs…



I recently sold a 1978 Bronco in a bit more restorable condition than this car. She had a siezed up 400 in her. I never seemed to have time for the restoration so I sold her to a fellow who was looking to restore her. I even gave him suggestions on freeing up the engine. A week later he sent me video of him driving her. His plan is to restore her not turn her into an off road chopped and lifted POS. A classic saved. Same could have happened to this car. If one has the money fto afford that big yellow iron then a better course of action would have been to find a total stranger, perhaps a young lady or young man attending the auto restoration course in McPherson Kansas, and just give them the car. Karma


This dude is a complete idiot; thought he could flip a car and make money on it and then when he couldn’t he decided to a whiny lil’ bitch.


" including rolling over Gagliardi’s foot". Only if it was still in his mouth or up his ass at the time. What a pathetic baby. He could have made one phone call to Rawhide Boys Ranch, Kars for Kids, Cars for Kids, et al, and gotten a tax credit as it was carried off on a flatbed. Of course someone this much of a loser might not have an income in the range where he pays Federal Income Tax. Heck, even the egomaniac from the TV mopar resurrection series would probably given him something for it.

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I seem to remember that Seinfeld did the same to one of the Porsches he bought simply because its provenance wasn’t quite kosher or something along those lines… can anybody help me out on that one? It’s been a while…

Definitely not the thing to do to a once tough ass muscle car. To top it off it was a big block. He knew what he was doing, but what was he thinking ?

I’m not sure Hagerty and Hot Rod should be giving this guy his 5 minutes of fame.

Sure the comments here are mostly going to be against the guy (someone may post “his car he can do what he wants even if it is stupid”) but what do we accomplish with this story? --it’s not like Hagerty members were on the verge of trashing their cars due to annoying prospective purchasers.

And maybe that is the thing that should come out of this… an solid article discussion of the modern pitfalls of selling a car yourself:
-paypal scammers
-lowballers including scrappers that will offer scrap value for non scrap
-no shows
-deposit abandoners (at least you got some money) and fake deposits
-100 emails from same person about things the ad tells already
-those that use online ads to scout who to steal from
-dealers/services that want to sell the car for you
-if it is an unplated project you can get in trouble in some areas having it out on your yard
-vandalism/theft if the car is out on the yard
-legal issues if title/emissions stuff that “was fine” 25 years ago is no longer something that gets passed off or on to next person

…and another article about how to prep and sell your car vs. legit ways to get someone to do it for you.


I agree with Pepperalls. No one should be paying attention to this idiot, and certainly the suggestions about either donation or auction makes perfect sense.
Don’t do this again, Hagerty. Don’t give these dummies any mileage.

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What a freaking Moron !!!

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i agree with all the others, this guy is truly a moron and hagerty should pull this video off their site,not only is he a moron but giving him his time on both youtube and hagerty just gives him a platform to spouit off,and his mommy should have washed out this boys mouth when he was younger too. nuff said.

Add to that, some sell your classic sites being picky.


The maddening reality that you paid what it was worth! RIP

It’s his property, he can do what he wants with it.

Children who write biased BS “journalist” articles only to incense other children of the internet who grab their pitch fork, while calling the owner a child. Oh, the irony of boomers on the internet.

Hagerty, keeping it classy. Oh wait, no. It’s being reduced to Jalopnik-level BS.

Thank goodness it wasn’t a Chevy.


What an infant! Obviously he’s not a “car guy”. If he were, he’d have some appreciation and respect for what it “was”, regardless. Complete idiot. RIP

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It’s like a live version of the worst of online car sale ads - $40k no low-ballers or tire kickers, i know what I’ve got. I agree we don’t want to give this (worst kind of car-guy) any fame, but sometimes these types can really bring the community together! :rofl: really sad to see a classic, or any car for that matter, crushed for such a pathetic reason.

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I understand his point, in many cases buyers do waste sellers time. It’s his car he can do what he wants with it. Look at it this way, makes the ones remaining look better. Richard

It is really a shame to see a 70 Charger smashed up like that. I remember racing a Supra in mine. Left so hard it broke the tires loose mid wheelie. It ended with the car smashed up. This guy never had his car, he is just a poser who can’t live his life a quarter mile at a time.