Made in Japan - Groundbreaking Toyota 2000GT still beautiful at 50


Doc Brown: “No wonder this circuit failed. It says, “Made in Japan.”

Marty McFly: “What do mean, Doc? All the best stuff is made in Japan.”

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 Reminds me of two soul hurting moments.  Around 1966 while in El Paso a came across a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing which was priced at $6000.  It was beyond my means at the time and I couldn't convince my Dad to join in on the prize find.  Maybe ten years later around 1976 a came across a Toyota 2000GT for only $12000 and I cried because I had not moved up yet in income to get in on that one either.  I knew that neither would be practical and would stretch my budget beyond what a reasonable person should do but I can't forget either one of the missed opportunities.
Since then I have owned many cars but have tried to remember that every car has something to say for itself and it is more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow.


Opportunity only ever knocks once and usually at the worst possible time. I too had the chance to purchase one of these cars back in the 80’s, but money was a stretch. I have since learned that it pays to overcommit sometimes as these old cars will never be made again, and the quality of materials used back then is often far superior to todays recycled metals and cheap plastics (even good plastics only have a life of 40 or so years). I sold my Maserati Bora for $320,000AU 2 years ago, it cost me 85,000 back in 2000 and everbody thought I was nuts. I have always overstretched myself buying old cars since the experience with the 2000 GT and so far it has been win win.
So if you see a an old classic and it pulls at your heart strings buy it. When the wife screams, say "hey honey, you know that new house you want, well this is gonna pay for it "
Regards Ken.


You MIGHT want to say: " …can’t be overstated." As the 2000GT COULD just
be not mentioned . which WOULD be understating it…
I think you MEAN to say the 2000GT should be praised to high heavens, so
it would be hard to impossible to OVERstate its importance.


@llsdjs Nice catch. Story updated.


I’ve always been a fan of this radical 2000GT custom. Decidedly less beautiful, but no less impressive…