Making sense of a crazy, breakout 1961 AMC Metropolitan 1500 sale


Late last month I fell into an Internet rabbit hole and somehow ended up looking at a listicle of the most expensive bathtubs in the world. Don’t ask me why.

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It’s all about two (or more ) bidders, likely old guys in Hawaiian shirts with a good dose of adult beverages and trophy wife/girlfriends on their arms. Likely the car will be driven once, placed in storage, and we’ll see it again at another auction when the girlfriend moves on.

it’s the only scenario that makes sense.


The cars (yes, plural) I would buy with that amount of money!


That car isn’t even correctly restored. They never had a white top or boot, the dash should be black, the steering wheel should be black, the door panels are all wrong. It’s a custom car, not original stuff!


My father was a Nash/AMC dealer from 1955 to 1976 - I was born in '43 and grew up in the business. I don’t remember ever seeing this color Metro with anything but a WHITE top. Of course we didn’t get anymore in than the company forced on my dad and I do mean forced!! He was only interested in American made cars.


It may have something to do with the area. Metros are big in this neighborhood. If you ever attend Das Awkscht Fescht in Macungie PA which is less then an hour from Hershey you with find 40-50 of these little buggers.
So if you restored one in black and blacked out the headlights you might set a new record selling one to the Amish.


I am a huge AMC fan and am privileged to own a 1969 Javelin, a 1969 SC/Rambler paint code 2 and and a 1971 Rebel Machine Station Wagon. Always loved left of center cars, and at one time lusted after a Metropolitan, but $75,000? Even I would not pay that unless it was for an absolutely original 1968 AMX 390 4-speed Go-Pak with air, power steering and disc brakes, Twin-Grip 3:54, electric wipers, FM radio with rear speaker. The way I should have ordered one. If I can find a project, I will create this car. Caravelle blue, no stripes, mask and a worked 401.