Malaise Era - Pontiac Trans-Am, DeLorean and more


The Malaise era was the antithesis of the muscle car heyday that existed merely a year before its start in 1973. It was a dark period characterized best by underwhelming engines, EPA restrictions, and questionable styling- the only pleasure found in the fact that you could run your new Cobra through the gears without raising the attention of local law enforcement. The Malaise era wasn’t without hope, and the era saw production of a few diamonds in the rough. Here are our picks.

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The DeLorean’s model name is just “DMC” not “DMC-12”. Yes, I know the make is also just “DMC”, and yes that would make the make/model DMC/DMC, but that’s officially how the car was released. There is a lot of evidence available that proves this is true. In addition, industry experts who have done similar research that I have, such as Car and Driver and Hemmings Motor News, have also stated that they understand the true model name is just “DMC”. If you’re interested in how this is true and why you should update your database, please contact me


Star Wars was the top movie for '77, Smokey and the Bandit was #2 but I still love them both.