Manual steering conversion

So anyone that owns a first generation Mustang or Cougar knows it can be a pain to turn headers AND power steering in these cars. They would also probably agree that the system is over boosted, and while not COMPLETELY terrible, not exactly a bastion of road feel and feedback.

I have fought with this for a while and decided to go manual in preparation of doing the Borgeson power swap that simplifies power steering for these cars by way of using a power gear that has the control valve, etc., in the unit instead of having a control valve, steering ram, and four hoses.

So here’s a brief photo journal of the job.

Not much to explain, the relatively new control valve is off the center link. A coup lb e of notes:Do NOT use a pickle fork to separate the pitman arm from the ball stud. Use the appropriate puller. This way, should you go back to manifolds, or sell it to someone with a 1st gen who can use it.
20191005_111007 The center link cleaned and separated. A good idea. Should you decide to go this route is to purchase a new roll pin just in case. Mine was non existent. Judging by how new the control valve looks, I would guess that the previous owner didn’t install it. Luckily I have an assortment.
20191005_111011 The steering ram is next. NOTE:Go ahead and take both front wheels off. It will make removing the ram from the center link a lot easier. Again use a puller, not a pickle fork. This was WAY harder to separate from the center link. And judging by the looks, and difficulty in separating it, I would say that it is original to this car.
20191005_133021 There she is done and back from the shakedown run. All I need to do is re-clock the steering wheel and give it a bath.

How does it drive? Great as long as the car is moving. Power steering cars all got a 16:1 gear while manual cars got a 19:1. The 14" steering wheel doesn’t help. BUT…I don’t have the issues of try to keep the hoses clear, and I will be doing the rest of the Borgeson swap as funds allow me to collect the parts. Until.them, I will get a great upper body work out every time I park it.