Maranello Italy auction - 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa sells big | Hagerty Article


It has been another weekend with a lack of sleep, this time made more dramatic with so many happenings in such a short period of time. The RM sale is over for another year, and, once again, the market continues to confound. Conventional wisdom had many of the cars that did not sell as easy sales, while many cars the "experts" picked as going unsold found new homes. The automobila sale was quite strong, leading into a strong start for the first dozen cars. Things slowed down -- and hit a headwind -- when a series of over one million euro cars failed on the block. There was even some talk of a weak sale from some of those who were not paying close attention. In actuality, the sale was quite strong, and we can expect to see a few passed lots show up on the sold side of the column before official results are posted.

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