Market watch: Million-dollar classics are slowing down, and big collections still matter

At first glance, auctions in Amelia Island were almost unchanged from last year to this year. But a closer look suggests the top of the market is now weaker and collections are still a big draw.

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Thank-you to Hagerty for these analyses. Yes it furthers your business interests but you’re also providing significant intelligence on the market at no charge.

It’s noteworthy to me that that the average price per car was up by about $10,000 due to fewer lots offered compared to last year, but that does not diminish the point about seven-figure cars failing to sell in several recent auctions. When the New York Times picks up on the tax-loophole angle, you know it has broad attention.

A question about the Youngtimers Collection: Was it just RM Sotheby’s name for a grouping of cars from different sellers? If so, congratulations to Rob Myers and staff for sensing which way the parade is heading.