Matt LeBlanc is really bummed no one will buy his Porsche 911 Slantnose

Matt LeBlanc is a bonafide car guy, using his earnings from his time on shows like Friends and Joey to support his car passions. He has even spent time as a host of the renowned car geek show Top Gear. Apparently though, he’s still having trouble selling one of his cars.

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I wonder if he’s tried other auctions where Porsches aren’t as prevalent?

They have a classic car auction up north, in Auburn, Indiana, every summer. He should probably try there.


It’s simple supply and demand. There weren’t many nice air cooled Porsches on the market so prices rose. Once prices peaked, Porsches were restored, reconditioned, let go of by people who couldn’t believe the prices being paid. Now there are more nice air cooled cars available than there are people who have any burning desire for them. Such is life.