Mazda and Pirelli may have set the world record for most fun in a Miata

A team of four drivers in a Mazda MX-5 shod with Pirelli tires has captured the world record for driving the most hairpin turns in 12 hours.

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That’d be about it since there isn’t a backseat in a Miata…

Guess I just figured out one thing that Miata isn’t the answer for…

I was going south on Highway 99 in California.
I spotted a sign for Highway 155 going to Wofford Heights which is located next to Lake Isabella. It was 56 miles of wonderful “S” curves. I hooted and whooped all the way. When I got to Wofford Heights I turned east for more intermittent “S” curves on Highway 178 to Ridgecrest.

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The smartest choice a perfect fit ! I own one, it an unique experience to drive one !
Great little car !

Tail of the Dragon south of Smokey Mountain National Park!

What happened to the complimentary barf bags that use to be behind every seat on commercial aircraft? Do you now have to pay extra for them?

That is a second vote for “Tail of the Dragon, south of Smokey Mountain National Park.”

SR 555 in south central Ohio, and all the twisty bits near Marietta Ohio.

The Coronado Trail in eastern Arizona. The road has lots of curves, switchbacks and exciting scenery. Wildlife abounds including big horn sheep and if you’re lucky a mountain lion or two. Don’t think about doing it in an RV; not enough room on some of the turns. Motorcycles are plentiful, as well as sporty cars. Not a lot of traffic at any given time, just you and the road. The copper mine at Morenci on the south end is interesting and Hannagan Meadow on the north end has a lodge and restaurant where you can start or end your trip with a nice meal.

If you are 5’10" or shorter. I’m 6’1" and I cannot get comfortable in those cars. I tried. I was looking to buy one last year and drove three of them and I just couldn’t find any room for my long legs no matter what I did. It was fun to drive, but I wasn’t going to pass on at least a modicum of comfort.

I am 6 ’ tall. I do not why maybe is something wrong with that driver chair. Even I can push it back more like it is necessary. 2 seats convertible in my opinion is perfect for that kind car. 4 seats convertible car is too much.

Pikes Peak, Mt. Washington.

Just looked at the Pirelli site. If they really want to provide tires for vintage cars as stated in the article, they need to be available in the original size so we don’t have to plus 1 or plus 2 the wheels. Smallest diameter wheel these are available for are 15".

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@gpoppenwimer - Was this the part of the site you were looking at? - https://www.pirelli.com/tyres/en-ww/car/collection

If so, you are right, the sizing does not accomodate the 14 and 13 inch crowd. However it is the proper sized tire for very specific models (mainly European cars of the eras listed.)

The old road up Whitebird Hill in Idaho… it still exists and is 100% true hairpin switchbacks…