Mazda Miata: Greatest car of the 1990s


As Classic Car Appreciation Day (July 13) approaches, we’ll be counting down each day with the greatest vehicle of each decade, from the earliest days of the automobile to the present. It’s by no means a final, definitive, for-all-time list, so please weigh in—respectfully—in the Forums with your comments, endorsements, and disagreements. Today: the 1990s.

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Mazda’s chassis and suspension designs during the 90’s were legendary. And not just on the MX-5. You had to go supercar to better them. Even then…


@Jim-R - I was not a believer until I drove a Miata in earnest. I was amazed. I thought I had driven good handling cars before, but apparently not. Not much beats the bang-for-the-buck the Miata provides.


I’ve had various cars - 911s, Challengers, Vettes, Mustang — liked em all but only really miss my 94 Miata. Fun in the way driving a slow car fast can be fun.