Mazda Miata Origin Story


Mazda often reminds us that the MX-5 Miata is the world’s favorite two-seat roadster, with more than a million sales since 1989. While total Corvette production is higher—one million by 1992, over 1.6-million to date—coupes outnumber convertibles in ‘Vette land by a wide margin.

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I have been thrashing my NA since 2010. It’s not my fun car: it’s my to-work-and-back-bread-and-butter car. It takes so much abuse and asks for nothing in return; absolutely tough as nails. It’s invisible to thugs, squeezes in any space and makes u turns in crazy city driving a joy. Miatas get in your blood. Only occaisionally do I need a backseat, but that’s what your other ride is for.


MG not only stands for Morris Garages, it’s also Miata’s Grandpa. :wink: There’s a reason Moss is stocking Miata parts these days…


I had the opportunity to Auto cross one in 1990. What a wonderful car. Went where I wanted it and drove like a go-kart in the corners. Reminded me of my many British cars in the fun factor area, but with a tight feel and more responsive engine.


I currently have a MK1 1990 and love it. I also have a Spitfire and Fiat 124. I bought the Miata first…backwards I know. It is a GREAT platform! I love all 3 but must say if going on a trip across the country…this is the one I’d be MOST assured to make it without incident. It’s also one of the easiest to put the top up or down…They hit a home run with `1st Gen’ the MKII and MKIII well ?? MKIV yet to be proven! And I’m not a fan of the FASTBACK!! Might as well buy a Corvette :wink:


I’ve had three and raced one for years. It’s such a wonderful car, I fall back in love every time I get behind the wheel. They’re incredibly cheap these days too…


I own a 2001 Special Edition, which I bought in 2015 with 75,000 miles. It now has over 122,000 miles. The cars are bulletproof, the most fun you can have on 4 wheels and if they do break, are easy to fix. I met a chap from the Carolinas in 2016 who had a 1989 or 90. He owned it from new and it was his daily driver. He had 349,000 miles on it and the year before he had driven it to California and back. He swore that everything was original except for wear out parts!


Fun car to drive, a bit too constricting to drive long distances but rest assured it will perform flawlessly. If it only had interesting style. It’s just so nothing to look at.


I’ve owned a 1991 and a 1990. Nothing is overdone on this car. It is a joy to drive, easy to maintain, and inexpensive to acquire.