McQueen’s Bullitt could be the most expensive Mustang ever sold at auction

There were at least 3 mustangs used. One of them is this one, one is in Mexico, supposedly being rebuilt (it was full of dents.) And the third one I think was destroyed. I read an article 30 years ago that said there were a total of 6 mustangs for the movie, but only 3 were actually in the movie. The others were promotion cars and probably one ended up being a parts car. I don’t recall who wrote the article, but at the time it was supposed to be accurate.

@Stickman - It is also worth noting this is the “hero” car that was actually driven by McQueen and used for all the close ups shots. The car in Mexico is the “jump” car that was in very rough shape and I believe is in restoration now.

not sold on the idea that it would be the most expensive Mustang ever sold at auction. Yes it has some documentation to go with it but the car itself isn’t worth all that much. Loved Steve McQueen but I don’t see that kind of value here. Maybe 200k to 300k and only because of his name, but i’m probably wrong.

Ho hum. Not impressed. What I would love to own is the '68 Charger R/T Mqueen was chasing.

I would love to own this car, but the closest I can come is owning a 2008 Bullitt Mustang. Whoever does purchase it, I hope that they make it available for others to see and enjoys-l400

Truth be know there were seven identical Mustnangs built and destroyed during the filming of this movie. I happen to know the people that built the cars for the movie and that was exactly what happened… I guess they have hard evidence that this car was one of the seven.

@akorne - Yes, Sean and his family do have “hard evidence” that this is one of the few Mustangs used in filming Bullitt. You can read the story and see some of the documentation in our story announcing its re-birth into the public eye last January.

Given that it is just another MECUM “auction”, don’t expect to SEE it “Sold” on TV!!
This outfit has a notorious habit of doing the “And the BID goes on” garbage. You will
NEVER then see the buyer. Or hear from them again in most cases.
Why not Sotheby’s? Why not any other high dollar car aution house? No, not Barrett-Jackson.
They deal in volume, this is a quality sell. IF it sells.

The car and Movie were and are lots of fun. The real solid story is Steve McQueen the man and the life he lives.

Its sad that the owner is trying to act like he cares about the car that much. If he truly did he would strike a good deal with a collective museum where the car can be seen. It will go to the highest bidder which makes it all about the dollar not the car. Not saying it is wrong but if it walks and quacks like a duck it is!

Anyone know if this Bullitt car will be showcased at any other auction or museum before it is sold in January? Maybe Mecum Las Vegas or Dallas?

@dhouston41454 - According to our friends at the Historic Vehicle Association, Bullitt will be on display at a few places prior to the sale in January-
Kentucky Summer Nights ; Somerset, KY – August 24th

Mecum Dallas Auction ; Dallas, TX – September 4-7th

Charlotte Autofair ; Charlotte, NC – October 17-19th

SEMA ; Las Vegas, NV – November 5-8th

Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals ; Rosemont, IL – November 23-24th

Thanks Kyle that is a big help!!

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I don’t think the car is a big deal, and McQueen certainly wasn’t. It’s a Mustang for God’s Sake, not the grail. But I’ve seen this before; Clark Gable’s car sold for a big number because he owned it, and so on. There’s nothing like celebrity provenance. The cynic speaks.

It was one of three cars. I am amazed at to me how foolish people are on paying ridiculous prices for delapidated cars of stars or that were driven by stars. Now Steve’s other beautiful cars his Jag XKSS or his Porsche 917 were worth good money and commanded the high price that they sold for. But not a beat up 68 GT Mustang. Granted it was one of three used in the filming of that iconic movie Bullit. But please…Some people have more money than common sense.

That’s the very first thing I thought as well

Mecum auctions are primarily Reserve auctions, which is why “The Bid goes on” when the reserve is not met. Their sell-through rates are typically in the 60-70% range. Barrett-Jackson, on the other hand, sells almost everything with No Reserve, which is why they have more volume, with sell-through rates in the 98-99% range. The location of the auction also impacts the prices paid and the overall volume. Barrett-Jackson tends to attract more affluent bidders, particulary in Scottsdale and Las Vegas. I’m sure Mecum will do well, but if I were selling the Bullitt Mustang, I would have taken it to Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale auction.

I couldn’t agree more. Mecum is not really a true auction but rather a sales event where prices are set by sellers who for the most part are out of touch with the true market price. When you place a reserve you are saying that you will sell the car for that price and if the auction house can pump the price past that figure you win, otherwise you take the car back home an say to yourself,“now what”. I would never use Mecum; Barrett Jackson or RM would be my choice. Just a thought, maybe Mecum cut a deal with the seller to pay him a 5% cut rather than charging him a sellers fee just so he could get the car to auction.

It’s very likely Mecum cut him a deal. They do it quite often during their auctions, which can be overheard during the television broadcasts. I often wonder how many Sellers play hardball, knowing that may be coming. As for RM, they attract a lot of wealthy bidders, but I don’t see them as a muscle car crowd, that’s why I would prefer Barrett-Jackson. I’ve seen Wayne Carrini take his clients’ muscle cars to RM and get much less than I think he would have had he taken them to B-J.

One more thing about cutting a deal, it looks like that is what happened with John Staluppi and his upcoming 120 car sale in January. After years and years of buying and selling with Barrett-Jackson, including his last 120+ car sale, he’s going with Leake Auctions in Scottsdale. I was very surprised. It would be interesting to know the whole back story.

I didn’t see the vin tag. 71 not a 68🤔that’s not right