Meant to be Driven

I have owned my 1970 Monte Carlo for 24 years since I was 19 years old. I have also owned a few other first generation Monte Carlos in that time and currently have a 1971 Monte Carlo SS454 parked next to the 1970. I am a member of a national car club (First Generation Monte Carlo Club) and organize the annual Western Meets for the club which has been extremely rewarding driving my Monte Carlo all over the Western US and Canada for car shows. My wife and I have driven roughly 23,000 miles in our Monte Carlos just for these car shows over the past 15 years which has provided some great photo opportunities along the way. In addition to the road trips I have used some of these Monte Carlos for daily driving to work roughly 7 months a year for the past 10 years. All of the Monte Carlos I’ve owned were under 100,000 miles when I got them and some think I’m crazy to add miles to these cars but the way I look at it someone preserved the car all those years for me to drive.

The 1970 Monte Carlo had 47,000 miles when I got it in 1996 and now has 128,000 miles which is a combination of road trips, daily driving and simply going for a cruise. I purchased the 1971 SS454 in 2016 with 75,000 miles. The car had only been driven 2,000 miles in the prior 10 years. 3 weeks after that purchase we drove down the Oregon and California coast from British Columbia adding 2,000 to the odometer in one week. Did I get rock chips… yes, a couple, but the memories outweigh the chips in my opinion.

Somewhere on Route 97 in Oregon (My 1970)

Crater Lake, Oregon

Maryhill, Washington (my first 1971 SS454)

Banff National Park (my current 1971 SS454)

Crescent City, California (travelling with our friend’s green 1972 Monte Carlo)

Peachland, BC (On my way to work one November morning)


All very cool. :ok_hand:
Really like the gold car. Personal preference for no vinyl top and seems like that’s an unusual color.

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Yeah the classic copper is not too common but it was love at first sight. It really glows in the sun.

Curious, what differential did they run with the 454? Anything particularly special?

In 1971 the SS454 had a 3.31 rear differential. Mine came with the optional positraction 3.31 but a prior owner changed it to a 3.73 posi. In 1970 the SS454 came standard with a 2.56 but you could get the optional 3.31 differential.

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