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During the past month, we’ve covered how to use a multimeter to measure the trinity of voltage, resistance, and current. I’ve explained how this covers most electrical diagnosis in a car—how most of the time, you’re either trying to verify the presence or absence of voltage to a device or the presence or absence of continuity between a device and the voltage source (or ground). Also, when you’re trying to find the source of a parasitic drain on the battery, you’re trying to determine how the current measurement is less commonly used.

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To check voltage drop between the battery and the Positive cable as I understand your statement “between the positive battery post and the positive battery terminal) it shouldn’t exceed 100mV (0.1 volts).” I assume this test is with the cable disconnected from the positive post and the meter hooked up to the post and the cable end. Is that correct?


If your box mod is regulated, then voltage drop may not make much sense. If you want the measure the voltage output of the mod, depending on the chip in your mod, it may be more relevant to set it in AC mode. On my old Vamo, voltage is chopped at 33Hz. But I don’t really now for more recent chips.

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