Meet the 2021 Aston Martin Vantage Roadster

With the soft-top Porsche 911 already in showrooms, Aston Martin couldn’t wait any longer to chop the roof off the now almost two-year-old Vantage. So what can we learn by looking at these four pictures of Aston’s prototype on the move around rural England? Well, not much apart from that Head of Design Marek Reichman’s team wouldn’t mess up the lines that make the Vantage feel more special than your neighbor’s Porsche 992.

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Hmm. This Aston Martin looks nothing like a slightly scaled up S2000. Or does it?

Is it my imagination or are stylists trying to make current cars look heavy? Frankly, I don’t like cars that look heavy, especially not ones with sporting ambitions… like this one.

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