Meet the man fixing Porsche cars since before the 911


It turns out that there is a longer-standing component of Porsche-dom than the 911. The company’s signature sports car debuted in 1964, but Salt Lake City’s Larry Moulton had been fixing Porsches as a dealer technician for two years already.Like the 911 Moulton is still going strong, and at age 74 and he’s done a better job avoiding the middle-age spread than the car has. His tenure means that he’s seen models like the 912, 914, 924, 928 and 944 come and go during his time at the Strong Auto Group’s Porsche store.

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I don’t think our local Porsche dealership will even touch air cooled Porsche’s anymore.


I remember working on 6 volt VWs in England, along with NSU Ro 80s which could lay down a smokescreen worthy of a destroyer when their transmission vacuum servo went out. Moved on to V8s in the US, and now occasionally work on light sport airplanes which for the most part are still ‘analog’ and much easier on the back. Good on you Larry!


It is refreshing to read about a discounted shop labor rate to keep the classic Porsche vehicles going. As previously mentioned, I don’t think the local dealers would touch an air-cooled vehicle let alone know what to do with it.