Meet the man who only collects the 1966 Buick Skylark GS


Jimmy Shiels was 18 years old and a few weeks out of high school in 1984 when he went to his first car auction in search of a 1969 Camaro Z28. At least that was the plan. Then he spotted a ’66 Buick Skylark convertible rolling by.

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We always here stories about affinity for one make or model, but all the way down to the Gran Sport?! Got to love the devotion! This isn’t like obsessing over an artist, or only listening to one musician’s discography. This is like buying an album, falling in love with it, and then making sure you have the stereo, mono, remastered, and deluxe versions of it.

I wonder if there’s anyone else out there that stays loyal to one year, make, model, and package?


Nice story and talk about a love for one car, that’s pretty rare I would think. You wonder if he had purchased a 1969 Camaro Z28, would his building be full of those? Those cars are packed in there pretty tight, it must be a challenge moving them without getting any paint chips or dings in the doors. I would love to have the resources to have a building like that full of cars.


@cneveu - Does that mean you have to like even the acoustic version?

That is a pretty good parallel to me. Not only do you keep those albums around, but also maintain the technology to continue to listen to them as it becomes obsolete.


I have visited Jim’s “barn”. In addition to all of the great cars - I’m a Buick guy too - Jim is a really terrific guy. He has been successful and deservedly so.


yes, I know a fellow who collects only 66 Dodge Coronets. We of course call him “Mr Coronet”


This was a great story about a big fan of 66 Skylarks.
I have a 66 Coronet convertible and have owned it for 25 years. It would be fun to know more about your friend who only collects 1966 Coronets.


Well his name is ED, and he owns a construction company up in Northern suburbs of Minneapolis.
He bought a 66 coronet in about 1999 for like 8 grand (back when I lived there…I moved to AZ in 2005) and it was done up with a 440 4v and auto. Ed was running Low 10’s with it and was very happy.
I can try to contact him if you want to email him.


Thanks Bob. Sure I’d like to get in touch with Ed ( Mr.Coronet ) I live in Rockford Illinois, so maybe a trip to the twin cites could be in my future. I own two old Dodges, but the one I’ve owned the longest is my 66 Coronet. Thanks again Bob. Steve


I will see if I can track him down and if he wants to talk to another 66
coronet guy.



Thank you Bob, I answered you promptly, but it came back to me and said … you did not use enough characters. My reply was: great, thanks Bob. So this reply is a bit longer. I hope this reply makes it to you and good luck contacting Ed. Steve


here is Mr Coronet’s email
he gave permission. just put in the subject 66 Coronets
Ed Francis carded426@aol.com


This is great news thanks a lot Bob
I’ll e-mail Ed in the near future.
My wife just mentioned going to Minneapolis for a long weekend.
Little does she know, if she wants to go shopping… I’d like to visit Mr. Francis. If it works out. Thanks again Bob. $teve



you had better email him ahead of time then, as he is a busy man.

too bad you can’t make it in the summer. There is a super car show In
North St Paul every Friday evening, and on Sat there is a great car show
in Hastings (all around Minneapolis).

Then of course, take your wife to the Mall of America and plan on
spending ALL day there. It has something like 480 shops and the 4
corners are their “anchor stores” Bloomingdales, Macy’s, etc etc.

The entertainment complex (comedy clubs etc) is on the east side on the
4th floor. There is NO 4th floor on the west side. Don’t go there on
Fri or Sat night unless you want to get into TROUBLE. That is when the
gang bangers show up.

My wife’s cousin is a Bloomington cop (that is the suburb that the Mall
is in) and he told us that HALF of the police force is occupied over
there on Fri and Sat nights!!

Hope you have a great time

Bob S

Ps. that is a picture of my ride from July 4, 1994 to Feb 2017. I SOLD
it like a moron. I have a 71 Skylark now and the only thing it will
pass is a gas station. Charger was a 440/492 cube stroker that would do
11.73 at 113 with 3.23 gears and automatic. buick is a 8.5 to one 350
-4V that is only 260 HP. Haven’t bothered to try a 1/4 mile. the
1/4 mile on the charger was a FAKE quarter mile done a a dynomometer.


I own a 66 Coronet, 426 Hemi with the NASCAR 4 speed. Im in Tucson. Just moved there a year ago. What city are you?


I totally get it. As a fellow 1984 high school graduate I too contemplate 1966 models as that my birth year. My husband was born in 1964 in June so his first hand me down car was a 1964 1/2 Mustang. Aside from my Mom’s 1966 Mustang coupe given to my brother for $1 long before I was driving I haven’t managed to own a 1966 model of any car. We have owned a 1965 Lincoln Continental convertible and 1967 Mustang Fastback though. Close but no cigar for me yet though.


A Dallasite, I got a '66 Skylark GS hardtop, metallic blue on blue, 4-speed. No power steering, no power brakes. Well, really, NO brakes. Lol These cars went fast but didn’t stop well. I miss it though, and would love to have it back. Like Jimmy Shiels, I am always looking for one. Jealous! Great article.
Bobby Vassallo


Phoenix metro. I moved here in 2005


Hmmmm…i wonder if he accidently came across any 62 Skylak parts during his awesome journey!


My 66 4-speed, 426 hemi, Coronet 500