Memoirs of a confirmed Corvette freak


Joe Oldham was a self-described Corvette Freak. He was also my father, and a very successful automotive writer, who passed away in 2017. By the mid-1970s, my father had owned two Corvettes, and he wrote about his passion for America’s sports car in this piece which first published in the 1974 Issue of Cars Corvette Annual. The article was a belated 20th birthday tribute to his favorite car, and after it was published he would go on to own two more Corvettes, both black C4s, a 1985 and a 1987 convertible. I hope you enjoy reading it, it’s one of my personal favorites from his body of work. — Scott Oldham

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Nice story and well-written. A real tribute to both Corvette fever and Joe’s ability to convey.

Thanks for posting, Scott.


I still remember the first time another Corvette owner waived at me. I still get some chills when I drive one of mine and see another Corvette, I always wave, but unfortunately many of the newer cars don’t seem to wave back. We that drive the older cars- ALWAYS wave.

Well done Joe, light up some tires in Heaven…