Memories of Altamont’s deadly ends

“These violent delights have violent ends.” If you watched HBO’s Westworld, you recognize the quote—but do you recall the source? It comes from the hasty and secretive wedding of Romeo and Juliet, where Friar Laurence tells the lovers to show some patience in the execution and consummation of their marriage. You know what happens next.

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That was a powerful read, from the wide spectrum of emotions attainable during a race weekend, to the randomly tragic possible outcomes - the old phrase “The Thing We Must Not Talk About” came to mind - to a closing perspective akin to the insights and gravity of The Art Of Racing In The Rain. Baruth’s writing can also be found in Road&Track, where another of my favorite writers, Sam Smith, also contributes…in ways that establish the backbone of the magazine. Thank you.

This is heavy subject matter for a commercial website that is essentially a marketing tool for a single company. It’s also a powerful reason to keep coming back to read content that is literature instead of fluff. Safe-space residents aren’t a significant portion of Hagerty’s demographics, and I sincerely hope they see the wisdom of giving responsible, productive adults a destination to enjoy truth untempered by agenda.

Heavy and powerful, indeed. I didn’t pay it much mind to the magazine at first, but discovered Hagerty to be among the best forums for automotive writing I can find. I read it and drop it off with my best friend when I’m done, because of articles like this. I’m glad it was shared.