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If you were to wander into the garage at Mercedes Motoring in Glendale, Calif., likely the first thing you’d notice is how neatly everything is organized. Two tidy rows of gleaming Mercedes-Benz cars, the newest one several decades old, stare at each other from either side of a wide, high-roofed bay. In a series of square cubbies standing against one of the walls, parts are grouped according to type – speedometers in one cubby, HVAC controls in another, service manuals in another. Small parts live in segmented plastic bins, and clean tools are laid out on a wide table nearby.

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I bought a '73 280C from JG. In the summer of '15, I took a trip to his shop to check out the operation. I saw a 280C and it looked nice. It was a car we had discussed earlier in the year. I explained I was willing to purchase a top vehicle for a premium. He told me the coupe had a rust spot under the left front wheel he would repair before it was shipped from California. He showed me the trunk; as he showed me under the mat, he said it was dry and clean. It looked that way. He said it had been sold to another customer, but that he believed the car was for me. He would talk to the current customer and negotiate a trade to sale me the car. A few days later, I received notice the car was able for me to purchase.

After numerous delays, the vehicle was delivered about 7 months later. My initial response to JG was that the coupe looked great. As I looked closer, the trunk had surface rust. The wood that was to be refurbished had not been installed, the headliner began to sag, the horn was not installed after being powder coated and the rust under the driver’s side wheel well had not been repaired. After a phone call, J.G agreed to pay the ~1400.00 to complete the work. A short time later, we began a long negotiaion of returning the car or a return of money based on the cost of rust repair.

The rust repair was $10,000. JG agreed to send me $12,000.00. That’s been over 1.5 years ago. I had the car in my possession for 2 weeks. The rest of the time it’s been in the shop for mechanical and rust repair.

JG is a nice guy. At the time, I felt comfortable doing business with him. I have been disappointed in the purchase and wish it would have been a different experience.


I purchased a car from this guy last fall. My experience has been nearly EXACTLY the same. Very sketchy… Like ALL people in the vintage car dealing business. I regret it and selling the car I paid $35,000 for just because of the experience being so poor…


Brad, Oh, boy. We got JG’d. He is now a verb.

I don’t even know what to say. To respond by stating I am sad about your experience sounds like it reads: a cheap platitude. I don’t mean it that way; but, it sounds like it and I know it.

I still have my 280C, but I added more money to it. I believe you to be the wiser man. I should have sold it too. I am so far into it I actually added a line item in my will to give it to my dearest, life-long friend; he’s a car guy and was with me during the visit to CA, JG and Mercedes Motoring. He knows the whole story and has a story like it of his own. My thought? When I am gone, the 280C will be the best way to remember our friendship and how life works. My buddy will drive around town in a stylish machine (thanks to the Germans - not the guy in CA) while remembering what’s best to do with the storms of life - get on with it.

The story does get better. I bought an E28 - a 1988 535isA. It was priced right, as advertised and a load of fun to drive.

Best of luck. May I recommend an E28?


Hi there Scott!

Thanks for your message. Yes….when I took the car to Mercedes Motoring last month to FINALLY get the few unresolved items taken care of, JG was NOT there….the guy that was said he had no notice of my appointment or what the purpose was despite having JUST arrived back to the shop from coffee with JG himself. I NEVER personally met the guy……spoke to him once……all other communication via text which he only RARELY responds too without multiple submissions……His shop that day appeared to be an abandoned warehouse of old MBZ’s and junk including motorcycles etc…all covered in plastic and dusty……NOTHING like the photo he portrays on line of a beautiful and pristine early 20th century warehouse full of polished vehicles etc.

The car I bought from him I learned of through a guy that does a lot of restoration on my cars here in Orange County and often does concourse details for JG before he sells a car……he “brokered” the deal so to speak and as luck would have it……the car had been listed on JG’s website a “coming soon” a few months before last November when I actually bought the car. I reached out to JG numerous times inquiring about the car with no response until finally in October he replied that the car was already sold and spoken for. The story goes that the original buyer came into “Financial Difficulty” and needed to “sell the vehicle” and Jimmy was “helping” him do so….mind you I wired the funds directly to JG. He took a car I was beginning to restore in trade at a value of $12,000 and I paid the $23,000 balance of the car’s $35,000 sales price in cash. There were two items in need that he committed to remedy right away……the stereo was disconnected and the seat lever was broken. He sent me to a stereo guy to reconnect the stereo who insisted on payment at the time the work was done and had no notice from JG of my appointment and I then took it to Mercedes Motoring where his long haired stoner no nothing assistant repaired the lever an sent me on my way. I had a few other minor issues I was hoping to discuss with him about resolving….at my expense…but he made it clear he wanted NOTHING to do with meeting or discussing this car or its history with me at all. I am only the second registered owner as the original title certificate was presented to me signed over by the original owners from LA with no dates or no new owner name completed. The only thing I know about the car is what the DMV was able to share which was that the car had been registered Non-Operating since 1995.

I REALLY wanted to know the history of the car and why the car was driven so few miles……Only just shy of 18,000 when I got it in November……but he had evaded ANY discussion of the matter.

It is this shady experience that has made me unhappy with the entire transaction and ultimately not wanting of the vehicle. The guy who brokered the car to me from JG is assisting me with locating a new owner as I just don’t want it anymore….it reminds me of a very uneasy experience……hell for all I know that car is stolen….LOL

I do have a vintage BMW….an E23……1983 733i with only 11,000 miles on it….it is AMAZING and I purchased it from a VERY reputable vintage car broker in San Francisco known as Cars Dawydiak.

I also have a 1967 230SL, a 1982 240D 4-speed, a 1981 380SLC with 28k miles and a 1992 190E with 76k.

Anyway….nice to know I am not the only one who has been treated like this by JG and that this is his M.O. I am reporting him to the State of California as I just don’t want anyone to EVER feel like I do having invested heavily in a car and then having a complete cloud of unanswered questions and unresolved issues to live with.


Brad Alewine


I’ve had many dealings with JG, bought a few cars from him and had him help me sell some, too. From my experience I have found him to be completely honest and trustworthy. Obviously I don’t know details about the transactions mentioned above, but I did want to add my comments to this discussion.
Bill Morris