MG Midget Anyone?


My sister and I had a fun 1964 MG Midget as teenagers. We would love to have one again. Anyone know where to find one?

Jim K


Go to www.mgexp.com for the MG Experience. They have a classified section that is a good place to start. There is also Hemmings Motor News, which is where I found My MGA MkII Coupe, which I’ve had 40 years this month.


I know I’m answering late but…
What year are you searching for? The 1961 is massively different from the 1979!
Where are you willing to go to get it? Post what State you’re in and that may at least be a decent start.

I know of many around Minnesota of various years. Many can be found on your local craigslist.


Do a Search on line. I found a number of nice and restored 74 thru 80 Midgets posted for sale. I found my 76 midget in a junk yard/combo used care dealer. The car was in good shape with only 54K original miles. After a bit of body work & paint, refurbishing the seats, and some mechanical work the 76 Midget is beautiful and in fact took first place in the 'K" Class at a British car show this past weekend. My point is if your mechanically inclined there are deals to be made and parts are readily available.


Sorry for the slooow response… I would love another '64 MG Midget, clip on windows and all, but would consider a newer model. I live in AZ but would travel for one nationally.



Had a 1971 brand new, Two wiring harnesses and untold fuel issues . Worst car I have ever owned. Ohio salt ate it too. When I could get it on the road it was a gas to drive.