Mid-engine C8 Corvette production delayed until February

Corvette evangelists have waited six decades for the mid-engine messiah to come, but the C8 Stingray is once again just out of reach. Chevrolet confirmed to Hagerty that start of 2020 Corvette production will be delayed until February due to the recent United Auto Workers strike, adding a few months to the original timeline to start production by the end of 2019.

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Thanks UAW; your strike and adversarial posture with General Motors has been sooo helpful. (sarcasm). As we now wait until spring of 2020 for C8s we’ll watch even more GM assembly plants close & move offshore to get away from you.

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Glad I don’t have an order in for either, sounds like they will be rushed to get production out the door

GM will probably benefit from the increased demand and hype caused by this delay. The dealers will probably appreciate their ability to mark them up higher, too.

I am not a union member but the union is there to protect American jobs. GM is the adversarial party, always trying to cheat an employee, contract employee and supplier

Remember the ‘‘Jobs Bank’’ auto manufacturers created via union push? These were break rooms where instead of being laid off, you sat around in limbo while still getting paid. Although the concept of worker representation is vital to the welfare of employees, at the end of the day you can only charge and profit so much in the manufacture of a widget. If you want to make more money, move up the ladder instead of increasing the expense of the lower rungs. Because in the end, consumers vote with their wallets as this all trickles down onto them. And when market pressures drive business into the grave (or off shore) the union employee is the one who suffers most.

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Wow, sorry for your inconvenience. . Not a fan of GM but there are two sayings that describe Management/Union. The first is that if a company has a union they certainly deserved it at one time. The other is that the leadership of the Company determines how hardline the Union is with negotiations. There have been abuses on both sides but the last thing we need is more offshoring so the corporations can give us cheap crap and make more money.

@krachuk2001: No; it’s been proven that the union is there to benefit the union; not its members. The UAW is China’s best friend; their exorbitant demands have chased GM to flee the U.S… Once $78 per hour, now $67, labor costs ($30 per hour + healthcare + retirement heritage costs) for unskilled labor is absurd and unsustainable for a company. My friends that worked for GM’s Lordstown plant (now closed) laugh at how much they screwed off and how they couldn’t be fired while earning $80,000+ per year.

Here we go! General Mistake! Cracked Heads Every Valve Rattles Oil Leaks Engine Ticks! Is trying to do what Ford and the Italians did over 40+ years ago! Mid engine vehicle. Demi Soto Panera and the Ford GT 40 has already been done! Chevy should have figured this out 40+ years ago! The corvette is a overrated P.O.S.! Chevy acts like that car is Jesus Christ! I hate that company! Should have never gotten the government bailout! Another unessary government spending thing again!

Chevy should be careful, as the average age of a Corvette owner seems to be 75 yrs old,
this delay means that their customers are literally dying for the new C8!

Please enlighten us on how it’s been “proven” that the union benefits the union and not its members, giving us specifics. Pure right wing B.S.
GM has had to flee the U.S.? Let’s see - how many GM plants in the U.S.? More right wing B.S.
Your fictional friends are laughing about being laid off? And couldn’t be fired? Just listen to the ridiculous vomit spewing out of your mouth.

The unions started off as a good thing, just like our government did, but all these years later…THEY ARE BOTH COMPLETELY CORRUPT, AND NEED TO BE COMPLETELY OVERHAULED. I’ve many family members and friends who have/do work union jobs, and guess what? The only people happy with them…are the ones who screw off, and keep their jobs due to being a union laborer. If you’re a good employee, all you’re doing is making the unions wealthier…so their leadership can skim from/misuse your dues money.


@wsaugenstein: you really have drunk the union koolaid. The proof is in what has occurred. Union reps sit in their cushy offices, receive nice incomes from the worker’s dues, and are now being charged for receiving payoffs & bribes from GM while GM closes plants & cuts workforce here (Lordstown & Detroit the most recent). The UAW endorsed the ex-president (Obama) who in return bailed out the UAW pension plan with taxpayer money and also used our taxpayer money to built assembly plants in China, Mexico, & Venezuela (notice: none here in the U.S.).
Right wing garbage eh? hmmm… the current president has negotiated a new & improved NAFTA called the USMCA. It requires Mexico to pay its autoworkers & auto suppliers $16 per hour minimum (up from the current $2-3) plus other benefits. It also puts tariffs on auto imports - all to keep autoworker jobs here at home. Mexico has signed it, so has Canada, but Nancy Pelosi refuses to put it up for a vote so it sits dead on her desk. BTW, Pelosi is a liberal Dem - not a right winger.
A friend’s job at Lordstown drove cars from the assembly line to the parking lot. At lunchtime, he got so drunk & stoned that upon returning he wrecked a car, flipped it over & took out the power to the rear of the plant. The line was stopped for over an hour while electricity was restored. He was taken to the hospital, blood tested, & alcohol & marijuana found in high levels. When I asked him if he’d been fired he laughed and told me this was only his second offense and he couldn’t be let go until there was a third.
Do you want more true stories from Lordstown employees? I have heard many over the years. How about throwing loose bolts inside the car’s doors (along with uneaten food) in preparation of a strike? The rattling & smell causes unhappy customers and warranty claims.
Keep drinking the koolaid…

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" loose bolts inside the car’s doors (along with uneaten food) " Wow, they still do that? Even after it was so “successful” back in the Vega plant?

@gwoods: I’ve been around since day one at Lordstown. What happened during the Vega days has continued to today. It’s no different now. The UAW & many of its workers has adopted an adversarial posture with GM and has killed the goose laying golden eggs.

I drive GM. Have a Cadillac DTS Platinum, Chevrolet Silverado 3500 diesel dually, and a brand new Z06 Corvette convertible. I am very interested in trading in my 2019 'Vette on a 2020 C8 Corvette. It peeves me that production is being bumped back by a UAW strike that ultimately did nothing except confirm to GM that abandoning America & moving offshore is the thing to do.

Gotta love unions. It’s understandable why their numbers continue to diminish.

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First thing I have to say is that people have to remember, The UAW does not hire these people in the first place, the company does, and as a former chief union steward, I have seen it from both sides. Another thing, 90% of the UAW jobs out there are IPS “Independant parts suppliers” nothing like the big three and the huge bonuses and pensions like most of you think, these are Hard working people that work over 72 hours a week with worse insurance than Obamacare most times, the contract basically makes it so the management can control the incoming workers wages wich can be beneficial, work more and harder you get paid more. Bottom line, to all you guys that Sat around all those years and collected fat money for nothing you are the reasons your kids have to bust their butts in a shop if they didn’t choose to go to college and also the reason for 90% of the negative views on the UAW

And I can’t wait for the new vette , it’s beautiful!!

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Here is the fundamental question that is never answered: What is the point of a union in the first place?

In short, unions were created back during the depression years when work environments were unsafe. People were so desperate for work that they would subject themselves to these unsafe conditions. Essentially, they would risk their health for a paycheck.

Fast forward to present day, and workplace safety is no longer a concern with the likes of OHSA and other government agencies.

So I ask again, what is the point of a union?

In a capitalistic society and economy, “pay for performance” is the working rule. If you perform, you will be paid accordingly. If the company performs well (i.e. makes a good product), they will be paid accordingly (i.e. customers).

It’s super simple: if a union worker doesn’t feel they are being compensated fairly - QUIT! Go find the job that will pay you what you think you should be paid. If you can’t find that job, then clearly your thoughts on your value are misguided and you really aren’t worth that much.

To ban together and unionize is nothing more than trying to gain job security for inferior performance. It’s no different than teacher’s unions and “tenure”.

If you work for a corporation: you perform well, you get a raise or a bonus - provided the company does well. If the company has a bad year, no matter how good you are at your job, you’re not going to get a raise/bonus. If you don’t like it and feel that other people in the company didn’t perform their job and ultimately screwed you - you quit the job.

Unions continue to kill the american economy. For example, the US invented the TV, yet you cannot buy a single TV made in the US. Obama bailed out GM and the union made concessions, yet years later, the union is right back to their old tricks. GM should have been shuttered and an free economy should prevail. I have no doubt the union will strike again once the new contract expires. A tiger doesn’t change his stripes.