Mid-engine Corvette C8 launch date confirmed for July 18


All the rumors and talk of the next-generation C8 mid-engine Corvette just took its first official step toward reality. Chevrolet for the first time publicly confirmed the upcoming C8 Vette, staging a PR stunt by driving a lightly camouflaged prototype through Times Square yesterday afternoon. Emblazoned on the side of the low and wide mid-engine sports car? The date Chevrolet has chosen for the official reveal, 7/19/2019.

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I’m still surprised that we’re still just seeing big blocks of iron, and not a light-weight V-6 with twin turbos and maybe even partial electric drive - face it folks, the POL is not going to last forever!


Corvette engines have been aluminum-block since '97. Besides which, twin-turbo V-6s aren’t exactly the wonders of efficiency a lot of people think they are. Case in point:

Ford GT, 3.5L twin-turbo V-6: 11 city/18 highway
Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, 6.2L supercharged V-8: 12 city/20 highway

ZR1 also has more than 100 hp more than the GT. If you want a more apples-to-apples comparison, the 650-hp Z06 gets 14 city/23 highway.


Ed, thanks for the info. but what is the hp for that Ford? I know you said it’s 100hp more (Flywheel or at the rear wheels?), but the what is the power-to-weight? What is the dry weight (or wet weight of these cars? More to roadability than just hp and mpg (granted, those mpg figures would scare me away for any of those cars).
And doesn’t the Vet engine still come with cylinder deactivation when causing the highway?


Listen, regardless of this engine layout change. It’s still a corvette and you need to show proof that your over 70 years old to buy one. Or that your under 70 and can drive it with no shirt on.


A Corvette, Mustang, GT… does mpg really matter? Lets just go fast and understand that’s the price you pay to have fun!

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OK…OK… why ??YES WHY… would any intelligent person bring up GAS MILEAGE?? if you want that and cant afford the $500.00 per year then get a used Toyota or Honda ( I like them both) but for gods sake its a sports car-NOT a powerhouse of the gas miser market!! So compare all you want … its a vette… enough said RANT done!( seams some guys will pick apart every angle like their oprions will change the world… either you like it or you don’t!( guess i was not done huh?) If you want MILEAGE go drive a Puris please! OHHh ya, that magic jelly bean field of free power will save us all! lol

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@Hagerty one of the main features of this story is the date of the announcement by Chevrolet for the C8, they picked the 18th of July and then highlighted the 8 in RED (get it C8) and then in your story you say “The date Chevrolet has chosen for the official reveal, 7/19/2019.

Need to proof your story a little better before you hit the POST button :grinning:

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shackman99 - Shirtless and over 70? That’s just plain nasty. At least the Vette will still be cruising strongly without issues while the exotics (you know the ones) are sidelined while their owners sell the shirts off their backs(and an arm and a leg) to pay for the overdue engine out “routine” service. Have you ever wondered why those marques usually have very few miles on them?


@ wfidrocki … not only that, they say it twice! lols.


We will not see $60 k price for a couple years, dealers will markup
$10 k to $25 k. Good luck


Well it is about time that we get to know that it is alive and well. On July the 18th I will be 73 and still can’t afford one. I’ll just have to keep my 75 model and dream on.

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No third pedal option is LAME. I realize the new automatics shift a lot faster than any human can, but GM is detracting from the overall driving experience here. Someone forking over $60k + should have the right to row their own gears!

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I don’t understand the haters on this car…the traditionalists hate it because it’s mid-engine and the Eurocar lovers hate it because it’s American. I applaud Chevy and GM for sticking with this idea for so many years and finally bringing it to fruition…especially Mary Barra, who has continuously championed it since becoming the head of GM! Job well done all around!


I agree. it is great that they are still american muscle cars! loud and fast if you want economy or hybrid buy a prius


You beat me to it, and yes these morons need to proof everything they write here BETTER!


Speaking of nasty, what’s with the way outdated “motor out” backhand you offered here?
Obviously you’re referring to Ferrari’s, which reverted back to chain drive timing 10+ years ago, eliminating that practice. Newer Ferrari’s are actually extraordinarily low maintenance, and they drive like few others can.
If this new Vette (which is obviously trying to emulate and reach the same “exotic” status) is up to the challenge, it will earn its place. Trying to disparage others won’t do it, nor will wishing it so.
I, for one, hope they succeed. It would be a near miracle for the first iteration to hit the mark, so let’s see how this evolves once it hits the street.

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Why not the option of having a riding mechanic to keep the top end oiled too.
Time marches on, and old outdated processes get eliminated.


At the B-J auction they showed a video of the C8 in NYC and a GM guy (there to sell show-demo cars) says something like “Wow, the C8 Corvette! How about that!!” A smattering of polite applause and no enthusiasm was the response. And that’s why GM has to make the change: selling to Baby Boomers like that auction crowd, and me, is literally a dying strategy. The C8 has to have the performance, style and reliability to attract the younger, well-off buyer who sees the Vette as just for OWGs.

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I absolutely concur with you, RichYVR, however, I am a Boomer OWG (58) and I love this car!

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