Mid-engine Corvette C8 launch date confirmed for July 18

This car is beautiful in every regard, and the price will keep them moving off the shelf; but I have to ask myself, is a mid engine car really a Corvette? Should they come up with some other name for this car and sell the front engined awesomeness we already know and love as the Corvette along side it? I don’t know the answer.

A mid-engined car is a joy to drive, so I’m looking forward to this unveiling in person. I’d like to see how the hoods unlatch, as I like to fiddle with my cars, and it would be nice to view the engine as in a Ferrari, as well as be able to easily service it. The Porsche Boxster/Cayman requires that you take parts of the car apart to get to the engine. Bummer…

I’ve been waiting for this one, Anyone want to buy a 2016 Hellcat?

This is true all over the car market. versus enthusiasts perspective of realty. On BJ just now some geezer paid $190k for a 1977 Nova race car once driven by Dale Earnhardt. Sure, that car has racing provenance and all, but have to wonder who the future buyers of cars like that will be let alone regular collector cars with a shrinking fan base.

GM is in enough trouble already without worrying about what Boomers think of their products - they are not the current consumers. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do with this mid engine Vette. Maybe they’lll move beyond the image of the “successful plumbers car.”

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I see a lot of commentary here saying this shouldn’t be marketed to Baby Boomers. Unfortunately we Boomers and a few Gen Xers now are the generally the only ones with the free time and loose enough capitol to buy such a beast. Younger people are still tied up with work, family and related expenses. Add to that that a lot of younger people live in the computer world and see a car as a tool or appliance. Too few have the passion for such a car to care.

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Imagine the thrill when you line’em up and see the others in your rear view mirror. Let’s see how GM comes through on this one …

My 16 year old Mercedes CL is a V12 twin turbo and recently dynoed at 600HP and 700 torque. It also has 236,000 miles. You can pick one up for about 20 grand. I always love Vette guys thinking their new cars are on the cutting edge of technology :joy::joy:

Why not also launch this “mid-engine” Corvette as a convertible?..the latest version of the Dodge Viper never offered a ragtop which narrowed the number of potential buyers that were turned off by a tight noisy coupe…dropping the traditional front engine Corvette is a major mistake…those of us not enamored with a “point and shoot” high performance mid-engine coupe will look and admire…but probably not purchase one…

Sittin’ here with my $4000, 30 year old, GM mid-seater, laughing my ass off.

Looks great, like they had a Ferrari in mind. Nothing wrong with that.
I have had 2 Corvettes, a 1999 with the manual, Great looking and performing car, sub par interior, once while driving 50mph in a horrible rainstorm it returned 32mpg and the 1968 little red Corvette convertible I bought from Mike Brewer and Edd China on the Wheeler Dealer TV show. Super awesome to look at, faster than my bmw 335i twin turbo but not much else.
If the interior is up to par I will probably get one of these mid engine Vets. I had a Fiero GT and say what you will, but it was a fun car. Not many could keep up with it on Ortega highway. And please make the Vet have a decent stereo. I am think infinity speakers.
Marcus Malatesta

One step at a time. “Corvette guys” are sharpening their pitchforks at the mere mention of a mid-engined Vette. Take away their V8’s as well and they’ll burn the factory to the ground.

Face it, some will like it and others will not! My hats off to GM for continuing the march forward with technology. I currently own a 2004 ZO6 and love the car. I have also owned three other corvettes over my lifetime and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one! I won’t be first in line for this new mid engine car because dealers will probably be gouging the general public on the first ones available, but I will patiently wait for a couple years for the ZO6 variant and you can bet I will get in line. I will certainly want the experience of driving a new C8 and I am sure I will be as thrilled as I was with each and every one of my previous corvettes. Truly amazing sports cars, no matter which version you prefer! Go GM!

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True to a point, yes. But if GM wants to be relevant when those younger people eventually have money they need to figure out where their interests are likely headed. That, and people are kinda stupid when it comes to money - they’ll finance something if they think it’s doable and they want it badly enough. Lots of young people do it on overpriced Jeeps and Trucks, even Mustangs. Vettes just don’t have as much appeal in the first place, for whatever reason.

Mark me down as one that would and probably will purchase one. I’ve been waiting a long time for this car to come out. Guess I’ll sell the 57 T-bird and get something a little newer, more reliable, and definitely more comfortable!

I own a "06 Ford GT and a '62 fuel injected Corvette. These cars are the best of both worlds and I am encouraged by the mid-engine Corvette’s introduction. I’ve owned other Corvettes ('79, and '85) in the past and have always had mechanical problems with them and have considered them and the Chevrolet ownership experience sub-par to say the least. I hope this new car is a success and becomes a reliable good value to compete with the tons of foreign iron I see at stoplights in the Carolinas, Virginia and California. I don’t understand the latter but I hope the new Vette is a star and rekindles pride in American manufacturing.

I thought GM was closing down plants because they were moving to EVs? Seems to me that this new Corvette should be competing with the Tesla.
I am sure they will sell some of these, but maybe they have misjudged the market. I mean, where other than on a track can you use that HP? And do older guys who can afford such a car really want one? I would rather have an older classic in 100% condition.

Actually, the all aluminum LS to LT GM V8s tend to weigh less than many DOHC V6 engines. There is this long running fallacy that V8s some how add a ton of weight to a vehicle. As an extreme example, you’d probably think the 2.0 F20C Honda inline 4 used in the well known S2000 would be a feather next to an aluminum LS derived V8 engine, but that isn’t the reality. The F20C weighs 326#s with accessories and aluminum LS variants are between 380# and 410# with accessories. Another example is that people swap aluminum LS V8s into 911 Porches and it weighs LESS than the original flat 6.

There isn’t a linear relationship between weight and displacement/cylinder count. An engine block is a lot of empty space, and it’s pretty easy to have huge increases in engine displacement with out there being a huge increase in physical size or weight. Also turbos and the piping and intercoolers all weigh something, and typically, a boosted F20C will end up weighing more than a N/A LS, and pretty much any nonexotic/race V6 will end up heavier with turbos as well.

The follow on to that is that turbo engines only look more efficient on the hoaky EPA test, if they even show it there. If looking at Brake Specific Fuel Consumption numbers while producing much power they are inferior to naturally aspirated engines at the same power level. If driven easy enough, i.e. no boost, turbo engines look efficient, but if driven with much use of boost they quickly become worse because they need a richer air/fuel mixture to not damage the engine, so in real world spirited driving they often return disappointing fuel economy numbers.

I’ve had 4 different Corvettes, all roadsters, all different. I can only hope that GM made the mid-engine Corvette practical, wherein I can carry 2 sets of golf clubs for touring, or room enough to take a trip with my wife and her shoes!

All Corvettes are fast and nimble, but practicality has to be considered if they want me to buy another one.

I am very saddened by this abomination. I am a Corvette enthusiast. I have owned 3 Corvettes, all C3s, I was really disappointed in the 1984 model. It looked too much like a Camaro to me. The Corvette through 1983 always had a very distinctive look. It could never ne mistaken for anything else. I grew yo in the '70s, and those were the years I gravitated to, but I loved the midyear models too, especially the 1963. IMO, from 1984 on, Corvettes never looked like Corvettes. Then in 2004 they lost the pop up headlights. The C7 lost the four round tail lights. None of these were bad looking cars they just didn’t look like Corvettes. And they were still front engine rear wheel drive. It seems GM has given up on the Corvette, and decided to compete with Ferrari and Lambo. And yes, I also owned a base model 1987 Pontiac Fiero, bought new. I kept it for three years, then traded it for a 1977 orange Corvette. Again IMO, the 1974-1977 years were the best looking Corvettes ever made.

I fell in love with the 1953 model, and still think it is the best looking of the lot. Thank you GM for staying with it. The new car looks wonderful. ……Jim.