Mid-engine Corvette C8 launch date confirmed for July 18


Make mine triple black. I got me some Raiders stickers that have been looking for a home :slight_smile: Bad ass is an understatement.


This isn’t strictly about gas mileage, but using modern technology to still go really fast, but also have improved efficiency.

If you want to argue against efficiency, then I’m sorry to have intruded upon your cave.


New GT is 647 hp, 550 lb-ft


Only reason I bring up MPG is to de-bunk the trope that small-displacement forced-induction V-6 engines are efficient and sophisticated, and big-inch supercharged V-8s are primitive and inefficient. Yes, the GT’s V-6 is more “efficient” from the standpoint it makes more power from less displacement, but in terms of fuel consumption, it definitely isn’t more efficient.

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@Darry Birch’s question " is a mid engine car really a Corvette? "… Of course it is.

In the 1950’s and 60’s (When Corvette was still struggling through childhood) Ferrari’s were predominantly front engined GT cars; and when the first mid engine car (the Dino) came out of Modena, no one even wanted to call it a Ferrari. But when the MagnumPI 308 hit the streets in the 80’s, no one doubted that it was a Ferrari.

Ferrari made the switch in the 80’s, and I know (for a fact) that GM has developed and tested MANY mid- engine CERV cars since the 80’s, and I also know (for a fact) that while Tom Peters was campaigning for an “evolutionary” design for the C7, that Tag Juechter was campaigning for a mid-engined C7 (Peters won that battle) … so the biggest question I have to ask is “What took GM so long?” - I think they paid more attention to the “keep the Corvette front engined” peanut gallery than they should have, for over 20 years.

I’m glad Tag, and Zora, finally get their day in the sun- Tag’s a true car guy, and Corvette is his car.

So, no one is going to doubt that this car is a Corvette, especially if it continues doing what Corvette has always done- offer world class performance from the dealership, world beating performance on the racetrack, and offering it all with a class smashing (obliterating, actually) pricetag.

Wealthy haters typically don’t hate Corvettes because they are American made- They typically hate them simply because they are less expensive. Snobbery is still a criteria that many upper-end car buyers cling to when making their car purchases. Que sera, sera…


I hope the new corvette doesn’t cost like 6 figures


I had mixed feelings at first as well when I heard the C8 would be mid-engine. But if you’re at all familiar with Corvette history, a mid-engine 'Vette has been a dream of the dev team for nearly the last 50 years. It’s well-known Zora Arkus Duntov, regarded by many as the “father of the Corvette” wanted to do a mid-engine car, and was shot down by GM bean-counters (big shocker). Some see it as an “abomination” some see it as the fulfillment of a decades-long dream.