Mid-engine Corvette C8 launch date confirmed for July 18

Make mine triple black. I got me some Raiders stickers that have been looking for a home :slight_smile: Bad ass is an understatement.

This isn’t strictly about gas mileage, but using modern technology to still go really fast, but also have improved efficiency.

If you want to argue against efficiency, then I’m sorry to have intruded upon your cave.

New GT is 647 hp, 550 lb-ft

Only reason I bring up MPG is to de-bunk the trope that small-displacement forced-induction V-6 engines are efficient and sophisticated, and big-inch supercharged V-8s are primitive and inefficient. Yes, the GT’s V-6 is more “efficient” from the standpoint it makes more power from less displacement, but in terms of fuel consumption, it definitely isn’t more efficient.

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@Darry Birch’s question " is a mid engine car really a Corvette? "… Of course it is.

In the 1950’s and 60’s (When Corvette was still struggling through childhood) Ferrari’s were predominantly front engined GT cars; and when the first mid engine car (the Dino) came out of Modena, no one even wanted to call it a Ferrari. But when the MagnumPI 308 hit the streets in the 80’s, no one doubted that it was a Ferrari.

Ferrari made the switch in the 80’s, and I know (for a fact) that GM has developed and tested MANY mid- engine CERV cars since the 80’s, and I also know (for a fact) that while Tom Peters was campaigning for an “evolutionary” design for the C7, that Tag Juechter was campaigning for a mid-engined C7 (Peters won that battle) … so the biggest question I have to ask is “What took GM so long?” - I think they paid more attention to the “keep the Corvette front engined” peanut gallery than they should have, for over 20 years.

I’m glad Tag, and Zora, finally get their day in the sun- Tag’s a true car guy, and Corvette is his car.

So, no one is going to doubt that this car is a Corvette, especially if it continues doing what Corvette has always done- offer world class performance from the dealership, world beating performance on the racetrack, and offering it all with a class smashing (obliterating, actually) pricetag.

Wealthy haters typically don’t hate Corvettes because they are American made- They typically hate them simply because they are less expensive. Snobbery is still a criteria that many upper-end car buyers cling to when making their car purchases. Que sera, sera…

I hope the new corvette doesn’t cost like 6 figures

I had mixed feelings at first as well when I heard the C8 would be mid-engine. But if you’re at all familiar with Corvette history, a mid-engine 'Vette has been a dream of the dev team for nearly the last 50 years. It’s well-known Zora Arkus Duntov, regarded by many as the “father of the Corvette” wanted to do a mid-engine car, and was shot down by GM bean-counters (big shocker). Some see it as an “abomination” some see it as the fulfillment of a decades-long dream.

I don’t know! I look forward to the vet advancements. I wish they would stepup a bit to forced induction engines in the corvette. I’m wondering if the new LT5 will make it’s introduction in the coming line of corvettes.
I’m building a 55 chevy Nomad retromod and after comparing all the options in available crate motors, the connect and cruise packages still required a sizable amount of added parts to complete the driveline.
I opted for after market LS427 Dart.
1021 hp dynoed and complete from Serpentin belt system to driveshaft in one package. This would put the corvette light years ahead in the HP arms race.

Official C8 Reveal In Orange County, California

What’s going on?

The mid-engined 'Vette has been talked about since the De Tomaso Pantera debuted in 1970. I hope it lives up to expectations, then maybe I’ll park one in my garage next to my '72 mid-engined Pantera, though I doubt it will look as nice.

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Thanks for your view. I still think it’s not a corvette. The exqmple you give of Ferrari first being front engine then mid engine but are still Ferraris, to me is irrelevant. Ferrari is a brand not a model. An Enzo, 430, 308i, or any other model are not similar as they are different models yet they are all unquestionably Ferraris. Corvette is a model. Chevrolet is the brand. A Corvette or an Impala are both unquestionably Chevrolet but they are different models. I stand by that a mid engine sports by Chevrolet, regardless of how good it is, isn’t a Corvette.

Hi Darryl,

I respect your viewpoint, but you would have to provide references that clearly state that Corvette is a model, and Chevrolet is the brand, because General Motors Management considers Corvette to be a distinct brand name (sold in Chevrolet dealerships), while Stingray, GrandSport, Z06, and ZR1 are considered to be model names under the Corvette brand.

In 2018, GM trademarked the word “Zora” and many speculate that the new mid-engine car is going to wear that model name; because Duntov was always the first (and loudest) chearleader for a mid-engined car…We’ll find out for sure in July.

Even the Corvette trademark is owned by its own business unit: GM Performance Cars division of General Motors corp.(not the Chevrolet division) Corvette has its own P&L statement, it’s own marketing budget, and its own manufacturing cost center (Bowling Green employees do not roll up under the Chevrolet P&L- They roll up under GM Performance Cars business unit)

No Corvette has ever worn the bowtie emblem - they all wear crossed-flags, and none have ever had the Chevrolet name anywhere on the car, or the sales brochures, or the owner’s manuals…

So, I guess there are actually two things you and I disagree on… :slight_smile:

I predict that the front-engine car is going to continue to be offered (as the Stingray); and the front engined ZR1 (and possibly the Z06 as well) are going to be dropped, and superceded by the mid-engine car.

We’ll see in a few weeks.

Robert Moore

I enjoy the banter.

I must state however that perhaps that is a difference between GM and GM of Canada. In Canada a Corvette is a Chevrolet. Always has been and, as I believe, always will.

I also have to add that, Regardless of what I think, GM / Chevrolet will do what they want. It wouldn’t surprise me if it bore the Corvette name, I just think it shouldn’t; mid engine isn’t a Corvette.


A 2.0 liter 4cyl VW Golf R can reliably make 600hp and turn 10sec 1/4 miles all for the cost of replacing the exhaust system on your Mercedes. Everything is relative. If the politicians have their way within 30 years we’ll all be doing time shares in electric pods. So just enjoy driving while it lasts.

Yes, very true. I know a lot of older guys who drive Vettes.
Some brag about how their exhaust gives them 5 extra h.p.@ a touch of a button, yet they’ve never even floored the accelerator yet.
I also know a lot of younger guys who talk shit about Vettes while secretly wishing they could afford them as they drive their Camrys & SUV’s.

Lastly, I personally know 3 SUCCESSFUL men under 45 y.o. who can afford to buy just about anything they want yet all own Vettes. 2 of them own Z06’s.

So now that just about every car that can go 0-60 in under 3.5 seconds cost $55k or more, don’t be too surprised when a lot more younger men start buying mid engine
vettes especially if they can get them for anywhere near the $60k base price.
Oh, I hope they buy them so maybe then they’ll sell me their “old” Z06 at a price even the 56 y.o. me can afford!

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bob7 – No kidding, the C7 (rear) styling was the worst in history! Just looking at it from any rear angle view gives me a headache.

Wow! There’s a lot of good reading here. Some I agree with and some I don’t. Here’s my 2 cents. I’m one of those 70 year old guys that bought his first Vette at 68. I bought a like new 5 year old GS with 12,000 miles because it’s awesome and I could afford it. I can’t wait to buy a 5 year old C8. As for the comparison to the foreign exotics, I’m a Chevy guy. My first car was a '56 Nomad. If you park a Vette and an Italian or German exotic next to each other I’ll take the Vette every time. I’ve driven them all. When it comes to driveability none of them compare to the Vette. And nothing comes close for the bang for your buck.

To me, Corvettes haven’t been Corvettes in a very long time. I am a fan of the C2 and C3 through 1977. I own a pristine white 1976, and I would never consider selling it. I am normally not a fan of plastic bumper covers, but they gave the Corvette absolutely perfect body lines, at least IMO. I MIGHT consider trading it for a perfect 1963 split window coupe.