Mid-Engined Cars - Toyota MR2, Fiat X1/9, Pontiac Fiero


These Budget-Friendly Mid-Engine Missiles Push All the Right Buttons

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I can totally relate to this article. My 2nd car was a 1977 Fiat X1/9 which i traded in my 1st car a 72 Chevy station wagon for. I paid $2300 for the X1/9 which ran me $92/month financed. It came equipped with worn Pirelli’s which i swapped out for Michelin which I immediately found out was a big mistake but the tire shop cut me a deal on em when i bought a set of Keystone Sunspoke rims. Those wire baskets definitely set that brown and tan paint job apart from any other Fiats i encountered. I ultimately found out why mechanics called the X1/9. “Fits” due to the numerous mechanical issues they presented. But the WoW factor generated by its appearance more than made up for those inconsistencies. Although it was grossly underpowered it was was a hoot to drive especially in those twisties. I’m eventually gonna get another one now that im much older and more mechanically inclined with a little more disposable income. The Fiat X1/9 The Shape Of Things To Come! (Loved That Commercial) :smile:


My first new car was a 1978 Fiat X 1/9. What a Blast. For the first year and a 1/2. Then Italian engineering took over. The main issue was that she would bog down or even stall. Changed numerous fuel filters, cleaned out the system, no dice! Found out from the dealer mechanic that these behind the cabin inverted gas tanks had a bobber type capacity level sensor, on a thin lead. They would break off and get sucked up in the intake neck of the fuel flow. Back then without the funds on a $4200 car a $900 + fuel fix was out of the question. Traded for a 76 Pontiac GP SJ model with a 400 V8 WOW what a difference. But we never learn and with the time and resources now , am looking for another go-cart full of fun.


I had a 75 X/19, drove the crap out of it in high school…it was good in snow and it taught me that you should never give up on a tank slapper, eventually you will catch up to the rear end. Many chin spoilers replaced and repainted spots from rust through and just had a glorious time all in its first 3 years of age. Horribly underpowered, terrible rust, the tires wouldn’t hold air as you were sliding around (tubes were the issue) and the center whole on the wheels was too small for the current tire machines so they required you change them by hand…whew…what fun! great memories Then I did the ultimate stupid move and traded up for a Lancia Scorpion, that I still have! - but that’s another story


Similar story. Had one out of High School a 78. Great Luck and tons of fun, till late 80. A bobber type piece on the gas sending unit wedged loose. It would float up to the intake and stall out the car. Traded it for a 76 Black on Black on Black Pontiac Grand Prix with a 400 in it, What a difference. Should have finished college though, you never learn sometimes. Just bought a pristine 1980 Fiat X 1/9 for some more summer Fun…


Upgraded to a 1980, for some fun summer driving, same color a little more power. Going to go back to my after college days with this one. And everything works. It’s all original a pretty rare ride. have to thank the prior owners on their care…