Midwest-Bayless Fiat X1/9: 220 horses worth of Vitamin K


“Whoa… you’re really taking this Bertone thing seriously.” It was the only thing I could think to say when I saw Matt Brannon’s Fly Yellow Ferrari 308 GT4 parked at the entrance of his shop. It’s a recent purchase—Matt says it was “too good of an opportunity to give up”—but it’s also an entirely appropriate way to celebrate the multiple success of the Midwest-Bayless shop in Columbus, Ohio, on and off the racetrack.

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Hello from British Columbia, Canada. I purchased a gold/parchment X1/9 new in 1981 when I was 21 and I still have it. I wanted red/black car but fell in love with the gold colour. I still like the gold but kind of wish I would have got a red/black car - Italian sports cars have to be red. 68,000km on the speedo and still in very very nice shape - original paint, glass, interior. Only the consumable parts have been replaced. This was my first car and I still love it and the whole driving experience. I have driven a couple of Ferrari 328’s and they great cars, but the X1/9 gives darn near the same driving experience in a smaller, cheaper package. Will never sell, just hand down to one of my daughters and hopefully they use it sparingly and baby it as much as I have. Have ordered a few parts from Midwest and spoke with Matt. I can tell you that when it comes to X’s and probably most Fiats, you won’t find a more helpful or knowledgeable guy. Although I am a keep it stock guy, some of the work you’ve done is amazing. I’d like to come for a visit some day. Hope you keep the X spirit alive. Cheers


I’m the former owner of this yellow X1/9 that “stars” in this good article. I actually owned it for 9-10 years, five before the conversion, a little less than a year when it was converted, and four years post-conversion. Originally the car was brown with a tan interior. It’s more spacious inside because the interior was redone with recovered 1974 X1/9 seats, which are smaller and shallower.

Matt and his mechanic did the work on the car and did a fabulous job. This was the greatest X I have ever driven (I’ve owned six others) and I highly recommend somebody buy this car as soon as it becomes available. It’s worth it!

Jim McK