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In terms of values, the cars we generally think of as classics today tended to follow a certain pattern. Their value would depreciate significantly after a few years or after the next better, faster car came along, then they would be out in the world for another 20 years or so before being “discovered” as collectibles and seeing their values soar. There were exceptions of course, but this pattern of big depreciation followed by a 20- to 25-year lull in interest before resurgence and collectability is in general how things have worked for quite a while. It’s a pattern, though, that appears to be changing. For some cars, at least, that cycle of depreciation and collectability is happening much more quickly. Just look at the air-cooled Porsche market, where cars that are less than 20 years old have seen their values explode over the past couple of years. It’s a similar story with certain later model Ferraris as well.

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