Modified 87 Porsche 911


I have had my 87 911 cab for 10 years. I have been restoring it from time to time (including replacing the body gasket kit). I made one major modification. I had an opportunity to buy a solid 95 3.6L engine low mileage. I got it and swapped it out (and ignition computer) with the 3.2L engine, kept the legendary G50 transmission. Had the work done professionally, rebuilt the G50, and added an extra engine oil cooler. Just wondering how much I effected the market value of the car (either up or down). It is one heck of a performance car!


Hi Tim,

Sounds like a great upgrade! I’m sure it is a blast to drive with the extra power of the 3.6L. As for the market value as a result of the swap, to the purist it would certainly knock the value down substantially, I’d guess 20-30%. Of course if you retained the original engine and components, and everything was a bolt in/ bolt out conversion you could always reverse it all and return the car to stock.

However, there is a large group of Porsche buyers that would value this “hot rod” upgrade and not see it as a negative at all. So to the right buyer you may have even gained a little value.

Of course in the end it is your car and if you are enjoying that 3.6 then I say who cares what the market might think- keep on driving it! As the kids say “you only live once.” Cars wouldn’t be any fun if we had to keep them bone stock and hermetically sealed to “save” them for the next owner. Right?




Colin, thanks for the comment. I probably should have kept the original engine and computers. However, I have an 89 928 S4, it was an early production year car, fully upgraded to the GT that came out slightly later that year. I had an 89 GT engine from a previous car and swapped that engine out during a ground up restoration. I was going to sell the S4 engine and computers, however, given your comment I have decided to hold on to the engine. So I do appreciate your comment. I do love these cars, but I guess I am an optimizer, and can not help upgrading where it makes sense. Again, I appreciate you advice and tip.